By djy3 :: Sunday September 14th, 2008

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SPACE ASSUALT STORY: The story im about to tell is of a young commander from the space recon group Alpha and takes place far from the alliance borders, towards the outer edge of the Uranium galaxy. Its been 5 years since that faithfull day, the day when my life was unterly turned around. My name is Commander John Smith, Commander of Recon Group Alpha. ON HEAVY RECON SHIP: "Commander! Commander!" "What is it Soldier?" "Sir, our radar has picked up some kinda stationary base." "What? thats not possible, this part of galaxy is not supposed to have anything" "Well according to our systems its right there" "Lower the shield visor and lets take a look" "Lowering shield" "OMG, look at that! its a entire space station out in the middle of nowhere" "Sir. What are your orders?" "Hmm.........lets go in closer with the light recons" "Yes sir!" 1 HOUR LATER: "Sir we are fueld up and ready to go on your command" "Rodger that Alpha 2, you have a go" "Rodger, All Ships move out!" ALPHA 2 NEAR SPACE STATION: "Sir, were picking up a transmission. Would you like me to patch it through?" "Yes seargent, patch it through" "This is Commander Zar of the space station Pryo, come in" "Yes commander what is it?" "Our station is under attack from the inside and we need reinfocements!" "Commander Zar, what is your current status?" "Me and 5 others are currently held up in a Storage Area about 2 miles from Station entrance" "Commander what the hell happened? What happened to your crew?" "They were all slaughtered before anyone even notice, and now were in here" "What could have slaughtered everyone on a space station that big?" "IM not sure but i do know we NEED HELP NOW!" "Ok, commander calm down. Ill send Alpha 1 and 2 to help" "Thank you, but be cautius the defense systems around the base are still active. You will have to pull 14 power crystals to deactivate the defense system." "Rodger that Commander Zar, were on it." HEAVY RECON DOCKING BAY: "Alpha 2 hold your position and wait for us" "Yes Sir!" "Alright Alpha 1 lets gear up and move out!" "Sir Yes Sir!" OUTER SPACE NEAR STATION: "Seargent, we will need to deactivate the crystals before we can get in. So i leave the other 7 crystals to you and your squad.: "Yes sir, consider it taken care off. Alright Alpha 2 you heard the Commander move out!" "Alright Alpha 1 now its our turn to move out, Colonal Hagens take half the platoon and.....*BANG*.......WTF what was that?" "Sir enemy fighters heading our way!" "Rodger, Colonal Hagens take a platoon and handle that enemy force. Private Yang and Private Ryu, Your with me." "SIR YES SIR!"


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