By doylec07 :: Saturday June 25th, 2011

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blasted communist D: they've gone and kicked me out my own castle and scattered my treasure everywhere! Il have to get the ol' jetpack out to get back up to my throne room and clear it out...but i think i locked the jetpack away for safe keeping. The keys are somewhere in the tunnel network which links to the moat at the bottom. Someones going to have to clean up all this treasure as well :( THINGS ADDED: MORE PLATFORMS SO EASIER TO MOVE AROUND, MORE JETPACK FUEL SO YOU DONT RUN OUT, GLITCH IN CAPITALIST V1.0 REMOVED WHERE YOU COULD FLY STRAIGHT UP INTO THE TELEPORTER happy gaming:) BTW theres a one way door in front of the teleporter at the bottom of the moat. You cant see it in the water for some reason so it just seems like you cant move any further left:S its linked with the one in the throne room so if you beat the boss but then realize youve missed some crystals you can travel back down and get them:)


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