Forlorn Hope

By doylec07 :: Thursday July 14th, 2011

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My first shooter game so any feedback is greatly appreciated:) happy gaming:) STORY: They told you it was going to be tough but you didnt sign up for this... You were handpicked for this mission - to retrieve intel files (flag in game) stolen by the enemy but someone must of been a rat. How else could they of known you were coming? As your team approached the enemy compound you were ambushed by an entire squad of commandos and your team was decimated, shot down before they had a chance to even draw their weapons. But years of frontline action have made you tough, honed your instincts and given you a trigger finger matched by no other. Thats why you were picked in the first place... You were the only one to survive, shooting down 3 enemies before sprinting for cover. The enemy has fallen back but you know not to abandon the mission yet. That intel still needs retrieving and after scouting the perimeter you think youve found youre way in...


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