Halo 4 Duck Hunt

By drakolikespie :: Wednesday November 11th, 2015

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Welcome to Duck Hunt! This game was inspired by the Halo 4 minigame "Duck Hunt!" Your objective is to get to the exit which is the green square. I had to put three levels that only need clicking because I ran out of space to type. -Red, black circles can go through white walls. -Press space to use back up shields which creates a wall around you blocking any incoming shots. You can only use this once. -Click to fire Interception Missles. They go diagonally, so use them wisely. You also get to use this twice. For more help, go on youtube and type up GDrako Turnover. That is my youtube channel. I can't guarantee that the video will be out once this game is released, but if you want to check out my channel, feel free to watch my videos, and leave a like. Thanks! :)


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