Love splode!

By droctagonapusorz :: Friday February 12th, 2010

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This game is not love slpode its love s u c k s. I can't believe I would get sucked into that world! I always hated love, but one sploding girl! I mean she totally lied...(takes deep breath). enough chat, the magnets are a metaphor. You're always getting sucked into love! The turrets are the "idiots" who try to stop you because they know what's "good" for you. I know my heart splode. Im in a bad mood so if you comment, think it out first. Thank you. P.S. if any of you are expecting OA4 Part 2: Lock and Loaded, then im sorry. I will take a 2 weeks off for several reasons (one is because im Asian..New yaer). Don't worry. Im sure once im back i will be happier than ever and i'll be loaded with ideas!


Tags: no too tags sad

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