Can There Truly Be More Hope?

Review by dudki on Sunday, December 16th 2012
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A New Hope 2 is a game created by chloride

Game: A New Hope 2

Maker: chloride

Type: Platformer


”Chloride? Who's that?” You may not have heard of Chloride before, and it's understandable, considering he only joined a few weeks ago. Anyways, I like this guy, he recently got himself very well-known, getting both of his games on the featured page, an he definitely deserved it. He shows some great talent in game-making. Well, in the Platformer atleast. After playing both of his games, I got really interested in this guy, and in his game-making style.”Now, what's that? A new game has been released? I have to take a look at it.” Welcome to my 3rd review, a review of ”A New Hope 2”. Lets get into it.

The thumbnail of this game looks pretty neat, nothing wrong here. Looking at this thumbnail, the first thing that comes to my mind is a puzzle-game. The reason being, puzzle platformers always have these kinds of thumbnails. Nice scenery, switches here and there, and a few power-ups. I had a feeling it was going to be an enjoyable experience. So, to sum it up, let's just say it's a nice looking thumbnail. Now, let's talk a little about what this game has to offer shall we?


A New Hope 2 is quite a challenging game. It is a puzzle game, which made it so much better considering it's my favourite type of Platformer game. A New Hope 2 definitely deserves some more attention. The game has a very nice feel to it, it's addictive, it's difficult, it features puzzles, traps, aswell as some very nice looking scenery, and an interesting storyline to catch the player. What more can you ask for right? The game had quite a lot of enemies in it, making it hard to survive. The gameplay involved alot of going back and forth, having to collect items in different areas to move further into the game.

Unfortunately, the puzzles in this game dissapointed me. There weren't THAT many puzzles at all in the game. Most of the gameplay was just moving around and pressing switches, which, after some time, could become a bit dull. But there were a couple puzzles around the game which, if you've played many puzzle games, you've probably seen already. I didn't see much creativity in the puzzles. I have seen them all before, so this aspect of the game wasn't as interesting as I had hoped for. Chloride could have done a little more in adding some unique puzzles to this game.

One word of advice. Be careful and watch where you are going. There could be a trap. Seriously though, this game features many traps. They're all around you. Most of them are pretty tricky to avoid since they have been put well together with switches, and most were unexpected. After several tries, I moved very carefully to make sure I wasn't hitting any invisible switches or falling in between small gaps with lava. This game contains a good number of traps, which made the gameplay alot more interesting. The traps also played a big role in why this game is so addicting. The traps have also been placed perfectly, meaning that once it has been activated, there's no way out.

A New Hope 2 also contains a decent amount of action throughout the game. This is where the difficulty would raise. You are facing alot of turrets that quickly drains your health down. There weren't that many Medkits which would force you to stay on your toes and avoid incoming fire from turrets ahead of you. This aspect made the game way more exciting and the difficulty seems to raise a little bit the farther you venture into this game, having lasers draining your health in the later parts.

Now, Chloride also seems to have put some effort in the scenery, and I must say that he's pretty good at it. The game has a really good looking environment. Nicely chosen tiles and back-tiles, and various details really made this game worth looking at. I think good scenery is always important, since it really adds a nice feel to your game, and makes it more eye-catching. It looks like alot of time and effort has been put into the scenery and I commend Chloride for that. He has done an exceptional job with the scenery of this game.

The placement of this game I must say was above average. It wasn't extremely bad, but there were alot of crowded spaces in many areas, which could get annoying when trying to move along. A few switches was also a little difficult to reach because of the placement of blocks etc. I honestly believe Chloride could have done a better job in making less sloppy placement. The placement of hazards was pretty good though. They were placed so you had no other choice but to go through them, and that was very good.



Thumbnail: The game had a nice looking thumbnail, which tells you a little about the game before you begin.

Gameplay: The overall gameplay was pretty good. The game was addicting, aswell as challenging.

Traps: Great number of traps causing a great number of retries. The traps were excellent, and nicely placed.

Action: Alot of hazards quickly rose the difficulty of this game, and added alot to it.

Scenery: Nice looking scenery. A variety of different tiles and back-tiles were used, aswell as other details.


Puzzles: Not that many puzzles and not that many unique puzzles. They have been used before and weren't as exciting as you would hope.

Block Placement: Although hazards were placed nicely, the block placement could use some adjustments.


Gameplay: 4/5

Difficulty: 4/5

Action: 3.5/5

Puzzles: 2/5

Traps: 5/5

Scenery: 5/5

Placement: 3/5

Lag: 0/5

Creativity: 3/5

Overall: 3.5/5

I think this game deserves an overall rating of 3.5 because it was a fun experience. The game was difficult, had a great number of traps. The game was nice to look at, and had a cool storyline to attract players. The game was really well-made.

Feature worthy?

It is feature worthy in my opinion. Chloride is getting alot attention on his featured games right now, and I think this one deserves to be on the list with the others. This game definitely shows off Chloride's talent in game-making.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


A New Hope 2 Reviewed by dudki on Sunday, December 16th 2012. Can There Truly Be More Hope? - A game review written by dudki for the game 'A New Hope 2' by chloride. Rating: 3