Aren't They Just Shiny Rocks?

Review by dudki on Sunday, February 17th 2013
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Adventure Zone 1 is a game created by chloride

Game: Adventure Zone 1

Maker: chloride

Type: Platformer


I have always enjoyed RPG's. They are one of my favourite types of games, and they are much more different from the traditional Platformer games. Now this particular RPG by chloride, has been on my mind for a long time, and I have been waiting to play the final product. All I saw beforehand were screenshots, which looked quite good, and chloride do have talent in making Platformers so my initial expectations of this game were really high. Now, this game didn't turn out to be as good as I thought, and let's see why.

Let's take a quick look at the thumbnail. Honestly, not that great. It pretty much just shows minor scenery and nothing else. Not really a very eye-catching thumbnail. I didn't pay too much attention to how the thumbnail looked though, since I had at that time already seen several screenshots of this game in progress, and from there the game looked good.


The sacred crystals have been destroyed, which caused disease, death and all kinds of bad things to emerge in the realms of peace. Your objective is to find these crystals and stop the evil forces. Pretty good storyline right? I loved it, it caught my interest, and I was excited to play this game and find out more about this, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Once the game begins, you get very little dialogue and the story didn't develop through the entire game. This was a huge dissapointment, since the storyline are one of the key features to making good RPG's. The gameplay was also a bit dissapointing, although it was fun playing through, had a decent bit of action, each level felt the same. The only thing that really changed was the theme, and I feel that chloride could have mixed up the gameplay a little more. Lastly, side-quests weren't really a focal point, since mostly only the first level featured side-quests. Overall, a bit dissapointed gameplay.

This game didn't really feature any puzzles or traps at all, which isn't exactly a flaw, since it is an RPG-game. Although, since the gameplay could have used a little bit more variety, a few puzzles and traps in some levels would have been good, to keep the player interested. Not too many though, since it will ruin the gameplay entirely. Honestly, I have nothing else to say about this, so let's move on.

Now on the good stuff. Enemies. The amount of enemies that were placed in this game raised the game's scores by quite a bit. Alot of enemies were present in each level, providing a challenge to the player and making the overall game more entertaining. I also like how each level features different enemies, that are more suited for the specific theme. I must say I was a bit surprised. Chloride did a fenominal job in placing the enemies for Adventure Zone 1.

The power-ups in this game could've you used rework. There was honestly way too many MedKits placed in this game. There were everywhere, literally. This big amount of MedKits made this game way too easy and although the enemies and hazards could quickly bring your health down, you could pretty much replenish your fully by the next level. Chloride should have taken more time into testing and observing where a MedKit would be most needed and remove all the extra ones. The rest of the power-ups on the other hand were placed nicely, and were mostly used as rewards for completing side-quests. The only thing I would suggest is just to lower the amount of health that you provide to the player.

The scenery of this game was pretty good to be honest. I have seen how well chloride makes his scenery and the environment of each seperate theme of the game looked very good in their own way. New tiles and decorations were used for every level, making the game look more unique. Although the game wasn't massively decorated, it still looked very nice.

Adventure Zone 1 had some pretty good placement aswell. I didn't see anything wrong with it, and I actually liked the way he placed certain objects. I like the way that you could climb up different blocks in each level to reach secret power-ups or checkpoints and this added that ”explore”effect to this game, which was very good.



Action: Good amount of action. Alot of enemies were placed in each level, and new one's were used for every theme.

Scenery: Nice-looking scenery, which helped the game achieve it's good look, and made each area seem unique.

Placement: This game had some nice placement. The placement of some enemies was a bit sloppy, but overall, most of the placement was very well done.


Thumbnail: Pretty boring thumbnail to represent this game. Doesn't really make you want to play it.

Gameplay: Honestly, very dissapointing gameplay. Although it was fun, the game needed to focus a bit more on storyline, side-quests and mixing up the gameplay.

Puzzles: No puzzles were placed in this game whatsoever. Placing a few of these could have helped make the overall gameplay more interesting.

Traps: No traps were placed in this game whatsoever. Placing a few of these could have helped make the overall gameplay more interesting.

Power-Ups: Too many uneeded power-ups were placed in this game. The large amount of health that was available made some levels ridicilously easy.


Gameplay: 2.5/5

Difficulty: 3/5

Action: 4.5/5

Puzzles: 0/5

Traps: 0/5

Scenery: 4/5

Placement: 5/5

Lag: 0/5

Creativity: 4/5

Overall: 2.5/5

I gave this game a 2.5 in overall rating because it didn't really live up to my expectations. It needed a little more RPG-elements to it, and the gameplay was the same for most of the levels. It was still fun playing through, and contains some pretty good looking scenery, and a good amount of action, but after a while, the gameplay could get a bit dull.


I'm going to vote no for this one. Adventure Zone 1 is a a pretty good game, that is worth trying, but it honestly needs alot more to it in terms of interesting gameplay and a developing storyline to get a feature. I believe chloride can do much better than this.

Thanks for reading.


Adventure Zone 1 Reviewed by dudki on Sunday, February 17th 2013. Aren't They Just Shiny Rocks? - A game review written by dudki for the game 'Adventure Zone 1' by chloride. Rating: 2