Swimming Around In Waves..

Review by dudki on Sunday, May 5th 2013
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Waves II is a game created by creatingames

Game: Waves II

Maker: creatingames

Type: Platformer


What's up Sploder? Yet again I have decided to release another review. There are a lot of games to review and today I bring you a game by a popular user named creatingames, which is a pretty good game-maker. He has recieved 5 features already for his hard work and he knows what defines a good game. I played the very first Waves he released, and it was a decent game, so when I first saw he had released a new one, I we're hoping for something even better. Did I get that? Why don't we go deeper and find out?

The thumbnail of this game looks almost like the first Waves, which gives you the impression that Waves II is going to be having the same kind of gameplay as the other one. Is it a good thumbnail? I don't really think so. Not very appealing in my opinion. It looks a bit bland and boring, but I don't usually judge games too much by the way the thumbnail looks so of course I played it anyway.


So, Waves II is a good, and well-made game. I would call it a combination between an action game, and a puzzle-platformer, since these two aspects seem to be the focal point of the game. The overall layout and progress of the game is pretty fun, and creatingames have made sure to keep the player interested by adding various hazards or puzzles. The game may also seem very hard in the beginning, but the farther you get, the easier the game slowly becomes.

The entire game wasn't based around puzzles, but it did feature quite a few in some parts of the game. Some of these puzzles were very cool and unique while others were more simple to do. The way the puzzles were layed out was pretty good as well, and they added something good to this game, having the player bumping into them every once in a while.

As far as I saw (And I completed the entire game so that is a lot) the game didn't have any traps at all. This is both good and bad in a way. This doesn't apply the rage-quit effect to Waves II, but personally, I believe that a few traps in a few spots could help make this game a little more fun. I'm not saying that there should be so many that every player knock themselves out while playing this game, but it really could use a few.

One thing I really liked was the amount of hazards that creatingames have placed in this game. This made Waves II a lot more intense, and added a thrill and a challenge to the game. I do think in some points that he had overdone it a bit, since you would quickly lose a lot of health, but most of the time the action went well with the rest of the game.

Waves II doesn't really contain that much scenery. In my opinion, a little more work should have been put into this. The only scenery I saw were pretty much backwalls, and creatingames does make quite good scenery in some of his other games, so he could easily had made the game not so bland to look at.

I didn't see much wrong with the placement of certain things in this game. The only thing I found a bit annoying was the fact that some turrets and probes were very hard to pass because of the combination of placement and the limited space you had. Other than that, the placment was very good.



Gameplay: Overall, this game offered the player some really fun and exciting gameplay.

Puzzles: Although the amount of actual puzzles were low, they were pretty unique and were layed out nicely in the game.

Action: Very action-packed game. Featured a lot of intense fighting, keeping the player on guard.

Placement: Although there were some flaws, most of the objects in the game were placed with care.


Thumbnail: The thumbnail used to represent this game is a bit bland, and doesn't really catch your interest.

Traps: No traps whatsoever were placed in this game. A major flaw in my opinion.

Scenery: The scenery was boring and not very detailed. More work should have been put into making the game look good.


Gameplay: 3.5/5

Difficulty: 3/5

Action: 5/5

Puzzles: 3/5

Traps: 0/5

Scenery: 2/5

Placement: 4/5

Creativity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3/5

This game was just clearly above average. I have played better games from creatingames, but it was fun, as well as challenging, and it did contain some unique things.


I think that this game just barely reaches the end of feature-worthy. It was not a bad game, but I did think that it could get a bit repetetive at times, and I have seen better games.


Waves II Reviewed by dudki on Sunday, May 5th 2013. Swimming Around In Waves.. - A game review written by dudki for the game 'Waves II' by creatingames. Rating: 3