[DRS] This Game Definitely Took More Than 0 Minutes

Review by dudki on Sunday, June 16th 2013
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The Land of Tryckey is a game created by 0minutes

Game: The Land of Tryckey

Maker: 0minutes

Type: Retro Arcade


Hello ladies and gentleman. Thanks for stumbling by and clicking on this review. Please sit down, relax and enjoy a taste of this review of The Land of Tryckey by 0minutes. Now, 0minutes is really cool guy and game-creator. He has earned himself a lot of features over the limited time he's been on Sploder. He makes some wonderful games, and I had this game suggested to me in my reviewing service, so I took a look at it. I did play this game a few times beforehand, but at that time I just rushed through it, so this gave me a chance to really see what this game had to offer.

The thumbnail of the game looks well good. Obviously not the best thumbnail in the world but you know, nobody's perfect. If you're someone who judges games by the way that the thumbnail looks, you may or may not be that interested when seeing this game pop up on the featured page. But I do not judge games too much by the way the thumbnail looks, and I played it. Especially since I knew the game was made by famous user 0minutes.


Alright, let's take a look at what the game offers you shall we? The Land of Tryckey is a well-made retro arcade game. It is a long game, so one thing that 0minutes did well, was to lower the amount of enemies and obstacles to pass, allowing you to reach the later levels. Each level is different, keeping the player interested and overall, the gameplay was just great in particular. What 0minutes did to this game, which I really liked, was adding a hilarious storyline to the game. It starts serious enough, but slowly gets more fun as you meet more characters in the game.

The Land of Tryckey had some decent action, but I say it should have some more. If you're an experienced arcade player, the first stages will be ridicolously ieasy for you to pass. The later levels fix this problem, but during the first couple levels, you could get bored.

The scenery in The Land of Tryckey wasn't bad. Not going to lie. 0minues did make the environment look great, and only a few times, I found it a bit bland. But for most of the levels, he did what he could to make the game pleasant to the eye, and that's a good thing.

I believe 0minutes pretty much knew what he was doing when he placed power-ups in this game. He placed Magic Spells to help take care of some of the enemies from a distance, but he never placed so many that the game would become a walk in the park. To be honest, I don't recall finding anywhere, that the amount of power-ups would have been overdone. Hurray for that. ^_^

The placement was good, but at some parts of the game, I did find the placement of hazards and enemies to be a bit bad, resulting in you losing a lot of health on just a single part of the game. Everything else was placed nicely though, but the hazards could sometimes send me falling down the mountain, with a weird expression on my face.



Thumbnail: Nice-looking thumbnail presenting the game right there. Can't say anything bad about it.

Gameplay: Overall, the gameplay was very good. I really enjoyed playing through this game.

Scenery: Pretty good scenery. Not the best, but definitely not the worst either.

Power-Ups: A nice number of power-ups were placed in this game. 0minutes kept this to a limit to avoid making the game too hard or too easy.


Action: I would personally have liked a bit more action in this game. It wasn't THAT bad though.

Placement: I saw some things placed in spots which could get me killed easily. Bit of a flaw.


Gameplay: 5/5

Difficulty: 3.5/5

Action: 2.5/5

Scenery: 4/5

Placement: 2.5/5

Creativity: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

The Land of Tryckey was a pretty exciting retro arcade game. 0minutes have quickly learned how to properly use this creator, and it has allowed to come up with some great results. It was a good game, but I have seen better arcade games.


It is feature-worthy I would say. I think it just reaches the edge of feature-worthy. It does deserve it's place on the list and players will be occupied for quite some time, playing this game. Nice work 0minutes. Hats off to you.


The Land of Tryckey Reviewed by dudki on Sunday, June 16th 2013. [DRS] This Game Definitely Took More Than 0 Minutes - A game review written by dudki for the game 'The Land of Tryckey' by 0minutes. Rating: 3