[DRS] All Hell Breaks Loose!

Review by dudki on Monday, June 24th 2013
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Demons Crest X is a game created by deathwarrant83

Game: Demons Crest X

Maker: deathwarrant83

Type: Physics Puzzle Maker


FireBrand has found the Spear of Heaven, but fearful of his power, he has been imprisoned by the Lords of Hell. FireBrand is now on a mission to destroy the Devil so he can be free. Very interesting storyline. Got me very interested in this game made by deathwarrant83. Dudki here, bringing you a review of Demons Crest X. As far as I know, deathwarrant is a really cool guy. In my eyes, he is possibly the best graphic maker out there, and he has skills when it comes to making games. What did I expect from this game? A lot. I have to admit I was pretty excited to give this game a go when deathwarrant suggested it to me.

I'm going to say that the thumbnail is one of the best thumbnails I have seen in a very long time. It truly is a work of art. This really got me excited to see what this game had to offer. Judging by how the thumbnail looks, it seems to be a serious game, with a lot of work put into it. Amazing work. Does it catch the players interest? YES.


Demons Crest X features everything you might need in a successful Physics game. Creativity, unique gameplay, addictiveness, boss battles and awesome graphics. Seriously, this game is made by 100% graphics made by the user himself and I absolutely love that. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this might be the best Physics Puzzle game that I have ever played. Demons Crest X is a phenominal game and deathwarrant has really worked hard to achieve this result.

Demons Crest X didn't really feature any puzzles, and apart from the third level, it wasn't very puzzling in my opinion. Quite a dissapointment, since you always know exactly what to do in all the levels, and you can just head right to your objective. I would have personally liked just a few puzzling elements implemented into this game.

Each level does feature quite a lot of hazards though, which is good, and kind of makes up for the loss of puzzles. The hazards is what added most of the challenge to this game, but deathwarrant also made it so there wouldn't be a huge diffculty spike at some levels. The amount of hazards placed has been thought about and objects have been placed with care.

The scenery in Demons Crest X is truly amazing, and combined with the amount of graphics, the scenery becomes unique to this game. The environment suits the theme of the game perfectly and the tension to detail makes the game pleasant to look at. Excellent job deathwarrant.

The placement in this game was also great. A lot of objects were placed in each level but I didn't find any objects poorly placed or anything like that. Everything was placed nicely in Demons Crest X, and there were no places in which it would be hard to move or get past.



Thumbnail: To be honest, one of the best thumbnails I have ever seen. This will sure catch people's attention.

Gameplay: Overall, the gameplay was amazing. The game contained everything that I would personally want in a well-made Physics game.

Hazards: A nice number of hazards was placed in each level, making sure not to make the game too hard or too easy.

Scenery: Amazing scenery. Made out of 100% graphics. A lot of hard work has been put into this.

Placement: I saw nothing wrong with the placement of certain objects in the game. Everything seemed fine.


Puzzles: I didn't see any puzzles or puzzling aspects in this game. I would have liked some more of that.


Gameplay: 5/5

Difficulty: 3/5

Puzzles: 0/5

Scenery: 5/5

Placement: 5/5

Creativity: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

I'm proud to say that Demons Crest X has earned the highest ratings that I have ever given a game. Well deserved though, this game really shows off deathwarrant's talent in game-making and his works are amazing. If he continues like this, he'll be very big in the future. Fantastic work on this game.


To be honest, this game had been released for quite some time and I was surprised that it had not been featured yet. Bu luckily, a nice fellow featured it a few days ago. Clearly a feature-worthy game. There's no question there.


Demons Crest X Reviewed by dudki on Monday, June 24th 2013. [DRS] All Hell Breaks Loose! - A game review written by dudki for the game 'Demons Crest X' by deathwarrant83. Rating: 5