Super Metroid 3 Ohms

By dylanisawesome :: Monday November 8th, 2010

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After the gas had knocked Samus out, she began to have crazy abnormal dreams. In her dream she could see large floating Metroids everywhere and one of them killed the Commander. The next thing that happened was that the whole scene was taking place in a city...but where? The floating creatures were huge and looked as if they could "push" down buildings with ease. Suddenly the floating creatures begun to change into several smaller versions of the creatures and they began to kill innocent people. All of sudden, Samus woke up to find herself in a test-tube completely stripped of her weapons, tools, and her armor...she was in her Zero-Suit. The same questions roamed her head : where was she, where was the Commander, why was the Commander not at the Underground base that the chozo elder told her about but his ship was, and what was up with the strange dreams. Samus noticed a guard coming up to her tube and she noticed that she was being contained by light barriers, the Space Pirate just stared at her. Suddenly 4 Space Pirates ran into the room and they hit the switch as if they didnt know that Samus was being contained. One of them shot the original guard and then the 4 Space Pirates began to glow and they faded away. " What was all that about?" said Samus. Immediatly Samus got out of the tube and picked up one of the Space Pirates weapons and she was going to find out what was going on.


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