Super Metroid pt19 The Mutated

By dylanisawesome :: Friday August 20th, 2010

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The Naboe agreed to build Samus a new ship and they did.They thanked Samus for her kindness and then Samus flew off to find the Space Pirate Commander.Samus eventually spotted the Commander's Ship and it had landed on an unknown Mountain. Samus flew to the mountain and she caught a glimpse of the Commader but instead of 1...she saw 3!! There were 3 Space Pirate Commanders! Samus did not understand what was going on but she landed her ship far away from the Commanders.Samus had to stop him or else he could make more Metroids and then the Metroids would roam the Universe and take over every planet in the Universe. Samus had to kill him if she didnt all would be lost.


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