Super Metroid2 pt20 Mutation

By dylanisawesome :: Wednesday October 20th, 2010

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Luckily Samus was not spotted by the Space Pirates before she made it into the Military base. Several thoughts roamed through Samus's head: when did they build this, why did they bulid this, and where were the Chozo. The Space Pirates were becoming more advanced they had now created Metroids, made energy that makes them stronger, and they had built robots to try and stop Samus. Suddenly Samus came upon a very large locked door. Samus scanned the door and it said that it was a containment door. Immediatly Samus aimed her Rail gun at the door and blew it open. Inside there was not much light, Samus could hear the faint sounds of things ahead. Suddenly Samus had an uneasy feeling inside her, what could they be containing. All of sudden something clawed Samus in the back and she fell down, then the creature yanked her Railgun away from her. Before the Creature could get away Samus caught a quick glimpse of the creature, it had red eyes. It looked as if it was hungry. Samus didnt know what was going on but she was going to find out.


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