Bloody Mary

By elcrossix :: Saturday May 19th, 2012

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A myth lasting years and years, the myth, the legend, of Bloody Mary. Stand in front of a mirror if you dare, "Bloody Mary", then spin around, "Bloody Mary", then spin around, and then, "Bloody Mary", spin around. What was with the legend of Bloody Mary, drawing you in.. you'd of tried it at least once, what the outcome was, well, that's unpredictable. Either a flicker of white movement of reflection in the mirror to get you scared, run, kid, run. Or there'd be nothing, disappointment. Bloody Mary will dare take who she wishes, when she wishes, each becoming a slave of hers, or driven crazy for the rest of their lives, that face.. that awful face... where will she take you? Will she order you? What shalt happen, remains unknown, until the Legend is confronted..


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