Halo. The Fall of Reach

By elgamer :: Saturday September 5th, 2009

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Halo game story from bungie..... the best game in the world!! please leave a comment of what ya think and please leave with a vote! thanx for playing :).......... ****STORY**** the covenant has sieged the planet with its alien ships....the only way out of their slavery is to fight back...hmm who shall do the job for this war..the best man for it, spartan 117,(you), Spartan your mission is to get to space safely, hope you make it, our commander and chief needs your help.....IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE FASTER VERSION OF THIS COPY AND PASTE THIS TO YOUR SEARCHER::http://www.sploder.com/games/members/elgamer/play/halo-the-fall-of-reach-2/?8bit=true


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