Halo. The Might of Covenant

By elgamer :: Monday October 26th, 2009

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{{STORY}}The Marine forces are depleting while the covenant are increasing. Earth is now nothing more than a covenant colony. When all hope is lost, a lone hero is now a beacon of hope. Now, only God and sheer luck are what keeps you from falling to the evil forces. Wipe out the covenant to restore the hope everyone was waiting for. But will you be strong enough to do it on your own?-----While the bloodshed grows, you feel a hidden rage inside. After you witnessed brutes slaughter your entire family, you decide to join the marines in the fight to rid the covenant of Earth. You passed the exams with 100% and are awarded a spartan suit, fully customized by you. As you step onto the battlefield you notice that it is your hometown, buildings on fire, your friend's heads on pikes, and children in shackles being sold as slaves is what now canvases the landscape. You point your rifle at the head of the lead brute and his head is blown clean off of his body. You laugh at his death and yell out aggressively "Who's Next!" ----Earth has fallen to covenant forces. The once proud and many Marines are now forced into guerrilla warfare. You, a an Earth patriot, have decided to join the cause for the liberation of Earth. The Marines take you in; training you in the art of combat. On the day of your graduation, you are given the SPARTAN SUIT, used by MASTER CHIEF. The fight for liberty has begun...


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