Vortex: The Jailkeeper

By elroysice :: Monday May 31st, 2010

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(((THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR FEATURING!!!)))I stared into the Vortex, incredied-Wait a minutes, wait a minute. Let's pause this. Alright better rewind to the beginning... I'll explain whats going on while it's rewinding. You see, I'm an outlaw. I help the ones in need. I am poor, as I spent my money on weapons. I steal from the rich who have too much and give to the needy who have too less. And then, I was caught. I had escaped with all my weapons, but I was taught something-Oh, it's all done rewinding. Lets go. ...I bowed. "My pleasure," I said to Timmy. His face glistened, making the rainy day brighter. He played with the coins inside his box home. I then walked to the box home next to him, and gave some coins to Johnny. I then turned around, and a cop caught my arm. "You're done," he said. He brought me to the prison, threw me into a cell, and I gasped. There was a hole in the wall! I slashed it, and crawled out the hole. But what I saw out there was amazing. There was a huge vortex, and cops were walking out of it. I stared into the Vortex, incredified. Suddenly, a cop pushed me inside. I soon saw myself in another prison, and a cop came by, He gave me a ring of keys. "Welcome back, Jerimiah," he said. "Here are your keys. Man, you're such a good jailkeeper..." How did he know my name? And how did he know I used to be one of the best jailkeepers ever? Well, I had two jobs, that was for sure-free all the prisoners here and escape.


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