Who gives a splode about me?

By elroysice :: Thursday February 25th, 2010

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Who gives a [email protected] about me on Sploder? I always thought I was poular, and my friends where impressed, cause they thought a noob like my could never get any popularity, but they'll hate me even more when they find that it's a lie. I came back, saying, "Hey, I'm back!" But nobody payed attention to me. I put WORK into my game,Shunko, but it got only 27 VIEWS, about 3/10 of my second game I ever made. If you want me to leave, I'll leave. If you want me to stay, show it to me. Please. I am level 200, only 50 levels away from the highest. Hope I'm still not a noob by then. And I have over 100,000 views. A big accomplishment. I feel that my best friends from before i took a break from sploder, icefiremadness and trevordaman, don't give a splode about me. I don't have the greatest attitude, given that my teacher made my friend's day the worst day of her life when it was her birthday. She's that bad. And, just cause she's young, she cme up with excuses today to get my friend in trouble, and she was so harsh on her that she cried. Ya. I have to deal with that. so please, give me some recognition. Please. :(


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