This Game Is Hard

Review by elroysice on Sunday, November 7th 2010
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All Hallows Eve is a game created by mastam

The title says it all. And who wants to play a game that's hard? NO ONE. SO GTFO THIS REVIEW, IT'S OVER.

...Sorry, noob attack. Anyways, this game was good and challenging. I couldn't beat it though. xP _But it was still good._:

The Actual Review

To start off, you were trapped in some enemies, though I escaped those easily. Then you got trapped by a disruptor, right in 4 mortars' range. After that,He had some nice Enemy Fence tricks, with some tanks and mortars, making it hard to bring the fences down. After that, you faced a key, then had to get through a nitro trick.

I'll leave the rest of the game for you to explore. ~Wink wink~


Awesomeness: ___/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Challenge: _____/_____
_Total_: ____/_____


Make it a little easier next time. ;)