A Playground For Ninjas? Sounds Fun.

Review by elroysice on Wednesday, July 14th 2010
Click to play Ninja Playground

Ninja Playground is a game created by whtever

We all know the Whtever is a very skilled Shooter gamemaker. Just take a look at his Protraction games; Sure, you may die before you see any puzzles, but they have big puzzles.

But, before he was a mastermind at Shooter games, he was a master at making Platformer games. I wasn't around at that time to see these epic games, so I decided to check them out. One of my favorite, abstract, original games that I came across was called Ninja Playground.


It was like an adventure. There were stairs all over the place to jump through and climb and hunt the seventeen ninjas. The only thing about it I ~don't~ like is the amount of extra health all over the field. He could also add just a few more ninjas.

I think he should make a sequal to this. If so I'd probably review it.


Addictiveness: _____/_____
Funness: ____/_____
Originality: _____/_____

So that's 14 out of 15(**************/***************).

This game is recommended.