Emp's First Review :D ZOMG IT'S HARSH

Review by empoleon on Tuesday, October 26th 2010

I played this game thinking that since it's featured it'll be good. I was partially right. "Ant Hill..Ground Sector Zero.. by superpiggy is a odd ball. First off, the name is horrid. Honestly, what is up with this name? "Ant Hill.." would make sense, but "Ground Sector Zero"? Nice try there, buddy. The dots are unnecessary. Although people think titles don't matter, they do. Are you going to play a game called "XTREAM ROALAR CUSTRA 4 PHUN" or games called "Too Much", "Count Your Blessings" and "Hawthorne"?

Putting the horrid name aside, the gameplay was tolerable. This game brought nothing new to the table, but was enjoyable. The game starts off with the player having to navigate through a series of tunnels, only to find you must navigate through MORE TUNNELS! I won't spoil any of the game past the tunnels, so I'll give you the gist of it.

The tunnels are annoying. Honestly, I personally hate the tunnels in the new update. I can't climb up them, so what the point of falling down a tunnel, walking through another and then climbing a ladder? superpiggy was able to make tunnels interesting. You have to choose the right paths to make it through the tunnel section. I fell quite a few times and was furious, but wanted to see what would happen next.

The rest of the game I'm leaving for you to judge for yourself. I think the rest of the game is slightly cliche, but with the platformer everything is cliche. You'll go through enemies, having to avoid a few simple traps, and find the crystals. *Whoop-dee-doo!* I find the game enjoyable, but there's quite a few games out there that are more interesting and fascinating.

Out of _____:
Name: _
Gameplay: __
Creativity: ___

(Using tunnels for most of the game must've been hard to do.)

Entertainment: _
Total: __

The game is playable and if you try you can easily have fun playing it. Work on names! Oh yeah, I'm one of the most harsh reviewers you'll find :) So with anyone else reviewing the game you'd get at least a 3 star average.


Ant Hill..Ground Sector Zero.. Reviewed by empoleon on Tuesday, October 26th 2010. Emp's First Review :D ZOMG IT'S HARSH - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Ant Hill..Ground Sector Zero..' by superpiggy. Rating: 4