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Review by empoleon on Tuesday, October 26th 2010
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Labrynthia is a game created by liv33vil

Zomg, it's 1:05 am right now. This game deserves more views than it has. LADYS AND GENTS, LIV HAS DONE IT AGAIN! liv33vil, the maker of Labrynthia, has been my friend on the forums for quite a long time. I remember the games that made him famous, such as Liv33vil Challenge. This game is an easier version of his famous, challenging games. Although there are a few things I would change about this game, this is what most puzzle/ship game makers should aspire to create.

As I said in my review of Ant Hill..Ground Sector Zero.. by superpiggy, the name of a game matters. Although I love the game, this name didn't click with me. Yes, the game is a labyrinth and yes the game is amazing, but Labyrinthia? It's not a horrible name, but it's just so... cliche. The "ia" at the end is childish and overused in society. When I was young I would name things "Happyville", "dsdefef" or "Labyrinthia", granted labyrinth is a big word.

Excluding the name, which isn't so bad, this game is great. The player must choose one of three switches to open the path to the next area of the labyrinth. If you're like me, you might have accidentally triggered all three switches and ended having three centipedes chase you throughout the labyrinth, but you should only choose one! After that, you undergo a series of mortar dodging, pusher pushing, enemy killing challenges. I won't spoil much more for you, because I encourage that EVERY person play this game. You can play through the game a few different ways, such as simply running from the enemies or killing anything that intercepts your path. The game is full of new ideas, challenges and fun.

Moving away from the gameplay aspect of the game, the scenery was bland. I know you're thinking "WHAT?! SCENERY DOESN'T BELONG IN SHIP GAMES! GAWSH U NOOB" *Rage Quit*. To me gameplay isn't the only aspect of a game that makes me want to see what's coming up next. I like to see what the design of the map is. Labyrinthia is obviously a labyrinth, so there shouldn't be much design, but I found the blue background boring and the regular designs empty. From the picture, the game also looks a bit repetitive.

If I make this review too long you probably won't read it, so I'll stop here. Play this game. Learn from the design.

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Labrynthia Reviewed by empoleon on Tuesday, October 26th 2010. Two Reviews In One Night?! I'm On A Roll! - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Labrynthia' by liv33vil. Rating: 5