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Review by empoleon on Saturday, January 1st 2011
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Pausing Physics is a game created by whtever

This is my 20th review, yaaaaay! *clap clap clap* Pausing Physics is another game that was requested in the Brutally Honest Reviews thread, and it's genius. whtever really outdid himself in this game and I have no idea how he made it. This review will be a bit different than my others. I'll be focusing more on how this is new and amazing instead of simply judging on how it looks. 3...2...1...GO! >.>

Pausing Physics features a brand new glitch in the platformer. What does this glitch do? I'll tell you. By pressing the "p" on your keyboard, you can slow down the game. If you hold down the "p" you completely pause the game. This was already known, but in Pausing Physics whtever utilizes this. If you press the "p" really fast, you can climb up walls much higher. If you press the "p" as you jump you jump higher or further. You can also glitch through walls and use the freezing to do what used to be impossible. Pausing Physics contains puzzles specifically designed for this glitch. You start out having to use your newfound capabilities to climb a wall, then you have you get a key from under a few crushers. After that you must use your glitch to get to a permablock jumping area (I won't tell you how). The permablock area is quite easy since you've learned some technique, but it took me some time to get to the end without falling. After that you must continue using the glitch to complete the game. The main reason I think this game is amazing is because it's 100% new. No other user has ever done this. Lately, the platformers have all looked the same and have all had the same puzzles, but Pausing Physics introduces something completely new. The puzzles are also well executed. There's no way to pass them without using the glitch, so you're forced to actually use skills. I was also entertained for quite a long time. Since it's new I wanted to learn how to use this and I kept playing the game. I kept saying to myself, "I'll get it this time..." and then fell. Although you may get annoyed at first, it's worth the time. The glitch is a little hard to learn, but with practice you'll be fine.

There is no scenery in Pausing Physics, but there's no need for it. You're not supposed to admire the game's beauty, but instead are supposed to learn some new tricks. Actually, not having scenery helped this game. Backgrounds would either cause lag or distraction. Also, Scenery often constricts the map. There has to be rooms, or certain block types. Pausing Physics would fail if it was made like that. Nice move on not using scenery, whtever.

Pausing Physics is amazing. I'm sure there'll be new games that use this glitch, but this was the first. whtever had to come up with the puzzles himself, so of course this is an amazingly epic game.

Suggestions: Make a new game sometime that uses the same glitch, but also has some scenery, a plot or some more enemies.

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Overall: _____

A 4.6 that rounds to a 5. A little less than spellmage's Unreal Tournament, but amazing nonetheless.

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Pausing Physics Reviewed by empoleon on Saturday, January 1st 2011. [BHR] Emp Reviews A Second 5/5 - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'Pausing Physics' by whtever. Rating: 5