[BHR] Simplicity At Its Finest

Review by empoleon on Tuesday, January 4th 2011
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A Simple Platformer Game is a game created by paradon

I haven't reviewed in a few days, but I'm here now. This review was bought in the Brutally Legit Shop. I'm reviewing A Simple Platformer Game by paradon. First, the name is beast. Instead of choosing a randomly big word, paradon went with a more clever title. The title must be what drags people into the game. The name describes it perfectly, too. It's a very simple game in which you just progress further. My main complaint about the game is that the final room was waaaaay to easy, but we'll get to that.

You start out having to pass a few crushers with a glitch, but that isn't too hard. There's also a gun under you, but I find it better to just skip the gun. After that come a few more crushers and a slider that takes you across some lava. At one point you go through a portal and if you don't move a certain way, you'll fall into some lava. After killing a few enemies and jumping a few jumps you come to a cool little puzzle. There's some sandblocks and a mongol, but if you kill the mongol you can't hit the switch, so you have to shoot the sandblocks instead. I killed the mongol the first time T_T... The last room was a disappointment, though. I was thinking "Well, I've got all these powerups so it must be hard..." When I got into the room it was a single rocky. I jumped over the rocky, grabbed the key and ended the game. I didn't hit the rocky once, not once. I was pretty angry that A Simple Platformer Game didn't have a more challenging ending, but all in all it's got solid gameplay that's okay for even noobs. One flaw I saw in the game was the bunched up powerups. Most of the powerups I received were pretty useless and I very rarely shot a bullet. If you're going to place powerups, place them in a hard-to-get place. Another flaw was dullness. A Simple Platformer Game is very fun, don't get me wrong, but there's really no challenge. It's too straight-foward and very rarely is there a trap that actually gets you. If the last room was longer the game would've been so much better. The enemies were all placed fine, except that rocky. It's a pretty solid game.

There really isn't much scenery, but it doesn't need any. The whole game follows the theme of being simple. The blocks were all placed fine, and the design was appealing. There were very few loopholes I could find, if any. The simpleness and lack of a background made me feel like it's more fun. Sometimes backgrounds are just too much, so A Simple Platformer Game has a perfect sense of simple.

A Simple Platformer Game is very epic. I rarely play through a whole game because they're usually all the same, but this one was different. I felt the urge to finish it, and I did. The last room though... sad face :(.

Suggestions: Even if it's supposed to be a simple game, you need a challenge in there somewhere. I was able to jump over the rocky at the end, so make the final "boss" rooms more legit.

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A Simple Platformer is a great game with a few flaws, and it's definitely worth a play.

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A Simple Platformer Game Reviewed by empoleon on Tuesday, January 4th 2011. [BHR] Simplicity At Its Finest - A game review written by empoleon for the game 'A Simple Platformer Game' by paradon. Rating: 4