[BHR] Why Was This Featured?! Wow...

Review by empoleon on Wednesday, January 19th 2011
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-!Anti-Chloride!- is a game created by oggie77

This is my first review in quite awhile. The BHR has been remade due to game overload and I recently got out of the awful forum gameshow. I also noticed that the same user whom created this game, oggie77, made an almost identical copy of the BHR and is even using the same format to title his mainsite reviews. How unoriginal I must say. Anyways, this was requested in the new thread. Let me start by saying -!Anti-Chloride!- is one horrible name. This is an example of a total noob game name. "dhdhvfrvr" might have been better. First of all, there's useless "-!"'s, and second what does anti-chloride even mean? Does oggie77 even know what chloride is? What a useless name. The game was also featured, but should never even have gotten near that list. You'll read why further in the review :D!

So, as always, I'll give a brief overview of the gameplay. You start out with two allies, fly through bouncers, kill some bad guys and kill a yellow key. After that you backtrack, fly through some useless repellers anduse invisibilities to fly past some pushers. After that you must complete one of the oldest puzzles in the book, which is using your mortar to push an enemy into the doors to open them for you. You then kill a blue key, and enter a room with a bunch of disruptors and doors. After that it continues, but it doesn't deserve an explanation. I must say that this is one horrible game. The beginning is just bland. You pass through some bouncers, and then find yourself fighting a yellow key. This key has no fun to it, and all the player does is hold down their freakin' laser to kill it. Horrible fight. Then you kill some more stuff (lol, boring much?). The repeller area is just useless. I flew through without losing any health or having any disruption. Then comes the pushers, which is also an overused sequence. You grab an invisibility and fly through some pushers, Whoop-dee-doo! Only a complete moron wouldn't make it through with the two power-ups that are given to you. You make it to the blue key and to reach it, as I mentioned earlier, you fire your mortar at the enemy. This puzzle, which isn't very puzzling, has been used in so many games. The blue key is also a boring fight, and then after you fly through a room of disruptors. This room lags and has no point. This has also been used in at least 5,000,000 other games... As you should be able to deduct from what I've said, -!Anti-Chloride!- is an all around copycat, dull, boring, horrible game.

The scenery is all that bad. I mean, there's nothing special to it. The game looks almost identical to every other ship game on the featured list. -!Anti-Chloride!- has no originality in it whatsoever. I mean seriously, it just puts together some of the worst sequences ever made with a horrid name.

-!Anti-Chloride!- is not epic in the slightest. I might recommend that you play it just for teh lulz, but it's not worth your time to be honest. There have been numerous games that contain the same puzzles that this one does, but uses them in a better fashion. Seriously oggie77, this game was just flat out bad.

Suggestion: Make the game good. Make something original for a change and instead of using a common puzzle make up your own.

Ratings (Out of 5):

Entertainment: _
Enemy Placement: __
Creativity: _
Design: __
Epicness: _
Overall: _

I honestly thought that -!Anti-Chloride!- would have been a 2/5, but as I was rating I noticed it doesn't deserve that high of a score. I went through each of my ratings and just thought, "This wasn't entertaining... the enemy placement was meh... there's no creativity... and the design is boring." It was a 1.4/5, which rounds to 1/5.

This has been a BHR review.


-!Anti-Chloride!- Reviewed by empoleon on Wednesday, January 19th 2011. [BHR] Why Was This Featured?! Wow... - A game review written by empoleon for the game '-!Anti-Chloride!-' by oggie77. Rating: 0.5