What A Weird Way To Get A Drivers License [Review #2]

Review by epicorange789 on Wednesday, August 1st 2012
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Getting Your License is a game created by bobbler

Hi there!

I am EpicOrange789 here with my second review. Today I will be reviewing a game which seems quite simple, until you begin. It's called Getting Your License, and believe it or not, it's not too much like getting your license. It has lots of twists and turns involved behind the wheel. A normal driving test doesn't have police chasing after you, does it? Anyway, this game was made by bobbler, a well known member around sploder who is quite successful here. He has the MRE badges, over 200,000 views, has 18 features and 3 EGL games. Every single one of his games have great quality, otherwise he wouldn't be so successful. Anyway, this game was made with the shooter creator. Ah, the old classic, the first game creator ever on sploder. Since bobbler's a somewhat old member on sploder (as in old on sploder, not in real life), he would know all the basics for the oldest creator. Hence, the amount of featured shooters he has. However, did he remember all of the basics and put them together to make Getting Your License with lots of quality? Let's take a look.


Well, I know bobbler as a kind of nice member of sploder who can pull out a great featured game out of a hat, like a bunny. He can make some great exploration games when he feels like it, and most of the time they have lots of quality inside. Overall, he's a great game maker, and I love playing most of his games. But has he succeeded in entertaining up with this game, Getting Your License? Well, what I normally expect from a feature worthy adventure game is a great game play, quite a lot of action involved, and a great adventure. I know what bobbler can accomplish this most of the time, but has he done so with Getting Your License? Follow me, EpicOrange789, in a thrilling journey through this review, and you will know how great this game really is.


The overall game-play for Getting Your License produced masses of excitement, action and adventure. All of the thrilling chases with the police, fights and/or chases with forest monsters and the fighting in the different stores just builds up the tension, excitement and action that a featured adventure game needs. Almost every single aspect of this game was built up in a positive way. However, there are still some aspects that put downers onto this game. One being some minor glitches. You see, some of the objects in the game have slightly been placed in some incorrect positions. Now, when you get up to the errands section of Getting Your License, you notice that some doors are placed on the top of the teleporters. When you leave one of the buildings, if you leave in a certain angle, you will either transport to the top of the building, on the grass or still on the path you came in. But that doesn't really matter too much, for it's really about the actual game-play, not the minor things that are involved.


I find that the scenery of the game was quite cleverly made. No, not perfect, but clever. Bobbler basically arranged all some polygons into a simple road design. Also, bobbler used the green base of the shooter effectively, for it was used for luscious green grass of the forest, the plain grass for the driving school and the grass on the sides of the shops. So basically, it was just used for grass. Now, even though I liked the scenery very much, there were still some things that could be improved on. There could have been some polygons added onto the design to give it an effect. Possibly in the forest, the mud polygons could be used as mud in the forest, for it could point out what actually happens whilst in mud when driving, and it will be good for a design. But it doesn't matter too much, the scenery isn't the most important thing in a featured game.


I found almost the whole game really creative. I find it great how bobbler could change just a simple driving test into police chases, running into forest monsters and running some errands. Knowing bobbler, all of this added up will lead up to humour. This will keep the viewers entertained most of the time, because since Getting Your License is a somewhat long journey, you may need something to entertain you other than the intensifying action involved. Also, it's creative how all of the different enemies are characters, such as police, employees in different stores and forest monsters. They are all used quite effectively, because since enemies attempt to destroy you, most of the characters they were placed as wanted to stop you. Finally, most of the health items were used quite effectively, as they were used as different products, such as bananas, blackberries and limes. Oh, and also steroids. Only some of the health items weren't used as different products, but were needed.


Most of the objects were placed very well. The polygons were placed marvelously as they were used to create a wonderful scenery and thumbnail for us to enjoy. All of the walls were placed well, as they represented the different buildings for errands, and also the driving school. All of the health items were placed well, as they were used for different products, and steroids.. Some were just used for health, but luckily, it was placed when it was needed. All the weak walls were placed well, as they were used for toll booths and parking zones. All of the enemies were placed well, for they represented the police, and when you got in trouble with them, they went into action in the correct places. Almost everything was placed perfectly, however some weren't. The messages were placed well, but in some cases they needed some more space between them. Also, some of the polygons weren't placed too wide, so that the pushers looks as if they weren't placed correctly. But other than this, they were placed very well.










Placements: ____.5/_____
Scenery: ____.5/_____
Game-Play: ____.5/_____
Originality: _____/_____

OVERALL: ____.5/_____

Feature Worthy?

I'd say that Getting Your License is feature worthy. It has all of the action that it needs, it builds up your tensions and excitement and it has a great game-play overall. I guess that this is mainly what a feature worthy game needs for it to be featured.


Getting Your License Reviewed by epicorange789 on Wednesday, August 1st 2012. What A Weird Way To Get A Drivers License [Review #2] - A game review written by epicorange789 for the game 'Getting Your License' by bobbler. Rating: 4