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Review by epicorange789 on Monday, November 26th 2012
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resident evil is a game created by alex420247


Hello, guys! It's EpicO here with a hopefully extraordinary review. Now today I'm in a great mood! Do you want to know why? Well, the EGD reviews are finally complete and all of the reviewers can review normal games! After working tirelessly writing EGD reviews, it's great for reviewers to take a break. Also, it seems to be my fifth MS review! To celebrate this, today I'm going to review resident evil by alex420247. Alex is also known as tookewl. You guys remember took, right? Well, he has 4 EGL games and between 14-18 features all together. As you may have already noticed, resident evil has already been featured, but does it deserve it? Anyway, resident evil is a shooter, which tookewl seems to work well with. All of his EGL entries are features, and a lot of his games are also shooters. Sounds to me like tookewl is pretty much an expert at creating feature worthy shooters. However, is resident evil feature worthy?


I first checked the features page, urging to find a new worthy game bestowed upon that list. I come across a game called resident evil, created by alex420247. Oh, I mean tookewl. Desperate to attempt it, I take a deep search within the thumbnail. From what I saw, the map looked pretty dodgy, but it wasn't my final decision. It did however recieve my attention, as it outstanded me how the curves were almost perfect without using a really special technique. Also, the artwork of an obvious death was pleasing to the eye, which made me want to try out the game even more. When there's good, there's unfortunately bad, as I did notice something in the thumbnail that I have to explain to you guys about. I found some of the placements in the thumbnail to be pretty sloppy, and I don't feel as though the item placed shouldn't have gone there. However, what I saw in the thumbnail doesn't mean it will happen throughout the actual game.


From what I saw, I believe that the scenery in resident evil was great as I also said in the paragraph above. The whole of the games scenery was pleasing to the eye. Blood surrounds your every move (well almost every move) as a sign of murder is spread around the whole map. Also, many body parts were broken down and were left there to rot. You may have noticed this during the game when exploring. I also noticed small bones od the body, such as the rib cage. If anyone noticed, there was road sightings in the game as well. I believe that to be in the area of Racoon City or whatever it was called. There must be road there, otherwise the road area would be completelly pathetic. The scenery located in the game was very creative and they were made exceptionally well. A creativity boost in the scenery is what I like in most games.


To be honest, when I played the game I almost dosed off because of the slight repetition. It was basically fight, collect the flag, fight, collect the flag. That was basically it through the game. However, I did notice a slight difficulty rise in the game when it came towards the end. However, I seem to think that the amount of enemies that were placed there was a bit too extreme. Having saying that, however, it was pretty easy for me to just go through the enemies and easily complete the game. When I was exploring the game, it was nice to see that you could easily just go anywhere without having to complete a certain task, and the amount of enemies were pretty decent. This made tension rise slightly, but it was pretty easy to just avoid the enemies without hesitation. Overall, I liked the game-play, but it could definitely use some improvements in order for more people to enjoy the game.


As I stated earlier, resident evil was pretty easy, as avoiding all the enemies was a snap. However, the hot-poly's were what caused my health to lower the most. I realize that it's mainly used for the decoration, but it effected my chances of beating the game slightly. Also, I noticed many enemies placed at the later section of the game, and it was basically set to an extreme level of difficulty. I noticed that they were only cruisers and one helicopter, but there were many of them. A large pile that could easily take over you and easily demolish your health. However, I did find it pretty easy to pass. Other enemies were placed to brutally demolish yout health, but unfortunaletly it didn't really effect my chances in completing the game.




Placements (Even though some were pretty sloppy)


Difficulty (Way too easy)


Creativity: ____/_____
Scenery: _____/_____
Lag: ___/_____
Difficulty: __.5/_____

Overall: ____/_____

Feature Worthy?

In conclusion, I think resident evil is a very well made game, and I seem to think that the game is feature worthy. Thanks to bobbler for giving the feature to the game, and thanks tookewl for creating the game.



resident evil Reviewed by epicorange789 on Monday, November 26th 2012. Back To The Regular Reviews! [Review #5] - A game review written by epicorange789 for the game 'resident evil' by alex420247. Rating: 4