[STAR] So It Seems Even Ice Types Can Have Bad Winters [Review #6]

Review by epicorange789 on Friday, March 8th 2013
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Articunos winter is a game created by religious2

Game: Articunos winter

Maker: Religious2

Creator: Physics Puzzle Maker.


Ever since the start of my sploder career (I say it's a career, but it really isn't), the PPG has always been my favourite creator. I've seen many members shine brightly above the rest, creating exceptional PPG's with new concepts that are outstanding to the sploder community. Now we come to religious2, a member re-enacting sceptiles tribute to sploder; making games for main site lovers to enjoy. Sceptiles popularity grew through this, and it looks like religious has too. I usually don't bother reviewing games from these types of members, but since Articunos winter appeared on the features list, I had to consider a difference in my stereo-typical thoughts. Also, this game popped up at [STAR] reviewing station, so I thought I'd jump right to it. Now, I don't really expect too much from a member such as this, but considering it's featured, I'd like a lot of action and puzzles. The thumbnail gives us a clue to whether it has puzzles or not, but what was the game really like?


The game-play of Articunos winter produced a decent amount of excitement, which managed to send shocks down my unusually long spine. The game-play involves most or even every single aspect of what a featured puzzle game needs; they were all prepared in a positive way. However, some aspects put a minor downer on the game, such as lack of traps. It's fairly hard to find traps to add to the effect in games such as Articunos winter, but always possible. I honestly would have enjoyed seeing at least one trap or more. It can be doubtable that religious actually can't create traps in the PPG, but it would be great to actually show even a slight effort in trying. I guess that traps aren't the most important parts in games. I also happened to notice repeated sequences that bored me quite a bit. It's like eating a certain brand of ice-cream over and over again; it gets boring since the same sensation isn't brought back through time.


As noted before, since there aren't any real mind blowing traps in the game, I decided to shorten the title of this here section of my review. Considering that Articunos winter is a puzzle/action/adventure game (I'm inferring this through my experiences), I expected to see quite a few extraordinary puzzles involved. The game did manage to catch my attention through these puzzles, however, some have been used before; in a different style though. I find it fairly hard to find new and original puzzles in games (you should know if you played my previous games that I have now privated), however there are still some puzzles still patiently waiting to be found, and are possibly going to be used in new games from members such as youngcaliman and paradon. Also, as I mentioned before, I noticed a few repeated puzzles. That doesn't matter too much; the usage of the puzzles were outstanding to see, even if they have been repeated.


I don't believe that the scenery has a major impact on every game, but it's nice to see that people attempt to make their games look good for it to get publicised. I believe that Articunos winter's scenery was outstanding - I honestly think that it has a greater scenery than most of his games. I believe that it attracts quite a few members, and pretty much forces them into playing the game. I think that the scenery really fits into the game-play like a tough man getting into a fighting club. You know what, my similies are terrible. Anyway, back to the topic. I never actually managed to keep my eye off of the scenery for one minute - the graphics, the whole design of it, every single aspect of the scenery I enjoyed a lot.






Lack of traps,

Repetitivity of puzzles.


Game-Play ____/_____:

Scenery: _____/_____
Puzzles: ___.5/_____
Lag: _____/_____

OVERALL: ____/_____

~Feature worthy?

I'd agree with splatter who featured the game. I believe it's feature worthy, and agree with the fact that it's inducted into the featured games list. It includes most of the main aspects of what a featured game needs, and I'd most certainly reccomend you play this game, unless you have already.


Articunos winter Reviewed by epicorange789 on Friday, March 8th 2013. [STAR] So It Seems Even Ice Types Can Have Bad Winters [Review #6] - A game review written by epicorange789 for the game 'Articunos winter' by religious2. Rating: 4