[BGR] New Tryckey Heroes! [Review #8]

Review by epicorange789 on Thursday, June 20th 2013
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The Land of Tryckey is a game created by 0minutes

Game: The Land of Tryckey

Maker: 0minutes/Milking

Creator: Retro Arcade Creator

And we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Oh, we're recording this. Anyway, I'm Epicorange789 and I'm here to tell you that we have some breaking news! 2 new Tryckey heroes have been crowned today after they explored and successfully battled their way through The Land of Tryckey. They were crowned the heroes after they successfully beat the boss of Tryckey; an evil-doer who wouldn't stop being evil! In other words, 0minutes created the game The Land of Tryckey. I know 0minutes as a skillful and very talent game creater, who can make games up to feature worthy standards. However, no one has (or had at the time) ever seen him create an arcade game. By looking at the thumbnail of the game, it seems as though the game is an adventure RPG. I also know, however, that milking can make some great RPG's, after he created the game 'Meow'. I expected an amazing adventure, a reasonable amount of action and for the game not to be repetitive. However, what was the outcome of The Land of Tryckey?


When the 2 Tryckey heroes were exploring through The Land of Tryckey to destroy the boss, they had to fight their way through. I do agree that the game-play produced plenty of excitement; the game had some decent action and the adventure was tremendous, as you explore through many different places with different scenery almost every time. I found that the action crept up in each level, however I found that the difficulty grew rediculously high. For example, the boss battle had a very high amount of difficulty, and was a bit crowded. It's like trying to get a seat on the tram at rush hour; it's hardly possible. Luckily, it wasn't like that all the way through the game. Also, it was rediculously easy in the beginning stages of the game. However, hardly anyone enjoys a game with too much action in the beginning, do they?


The 2 Tryckey heroes passed through many different places, and some people would agree that the scenery that 0minutes(milky) created in The Land of Tryckey fit in very well with the each level. If someone's going to put some effort in their scenery, I'd like it to fit in well with what's happening with the game, just like milking did. I liked the scenery in the game, and only some occasions did I find the scenery bland to look at. However, the scenery isn't really the most important thing in a game. You don't expect people to stare at the background of a game when they have a boss to fight, do you? It's still good to see people put some effort into the scenery, just like milky did in The Land of Tryckey.


Placements are pretty important in a game, especially if you want your game featured, as some games can be really scruffy due to where different objects are placed. The placements in The Land of Tryckey I had no problem with at all; there are no sloppy placements that I hate, in fact there weren't really any sloppy placements at all. My only main problem with the placements of The Land of Tryckey is the boss stage; it was too crowded to even fight the boss. Other than that, all of the enemies and hazards were places well, as they always blocked my way to get treasure or switches. The main platforms and grass were placed really well in my opinion, and the main ground wasn't sloppy at all. Pretty much everything was placed either perfectly or really well.







Difficulty (The reason I put it in both is because the difficulty was playable, but sometimes it was rediculously easy or rediculously hard.)


Scenery: _____/_____
Game-play: ____.5/_____
Placements: ____.5/_____
Difficulty: ____/_____

Overall: ____/_____

Feature worthy?

My answer is a straight yes; the game-play was great, the adventure aspect was used very well and the action was great (not perfect, but great.) To improve, I think that 0minutes should cut down slightly on the difficulty, but keep the action fairly consistant. Now back to you guys in the studio.


The Land of Tryckey Reviewed by epicorange789 on Thursday, June 20th 2013. [BGR] New Tryckey Heroes! [Review #8] - A game review written by epicorange789 for the game 'The Land of Tryckey' by 0minutes. Rating: 4