The Horrifying British Weather

Review by epicosauruss on Thursday, June 4th 2015
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Thunder is a game created by creatingames

Game: Thunder

Maker: Creatingames

Creator: Classic Shooter


Isn't the weather the greatest thing ever? No? Yeah, I agree, I live in Britain. Even if we get a couple days of warmth, we're not too far away from a thunderstorm. On the subject of Britain, who'd like a spot of tea while I tell you about a game a fellow British member created. His username is creatingames, and he has made quite a few great games in his past. He does enjoy sharing a good crumpet at good ol' tea time as well. Anyway, he's pretty well known for his shooters, some of which are pretty enjoyable to play. He does also create quite a few collabs, but this game is one of his own games: Thunder. When I play CG's shooters, I often enjoy them mainly my his game making style. I honestly don't really understand what makes his style so enjoyable, but that doesn't matter. As long as he keeps that style in Thunder, I'll be happy. I'm hoping for plenty of action, and it will be nice to see some puzzles which aren't too difficult to understand.


As soon as I click on the game, I first notice the same introduction which he normally uses: you're surrounded by a bunch of acids and nitros to nibble away at your health before you get into the game properly. This is because cg obviously hates us and wants us to have a game way too challenging for the sploder audience. I'm just kidding, but it does make it more challenging, as we must conserve the health we have until we get to those horribly important health power ups. Thunder is a game that's quite challenging, but luckily not too challenging. This, in my opinion, made the game more addictive, mainly because I knew that if I just had a few more attempts at the game, I could eventually get pretty far. The game also introduces a few puzzles. These puzzles were pretty simple to understand, so they didn't really add that much to the difficulty. What I love about this game, however, is that at each section of the game, there are always quite a few enemies surrounding you while you're preoccupied by trying to conserve energy and battling the spiders at the same time. A nice touch to the game there.

Have you ever seen those horrible thunder clouds on one of those horrible days? Well, Thunder keeps to it's title's theme with the gray background along with the obstacles, such as the pushers. Like I've said before, creating decent scenery with the shooter creator is pretty difficult, so sticking to a theme is probably the best way forward. It's always nice to see some scenery in a game; it adds a bit of professionalism, and a game which is aesthetically pleasing is nice to see once in a while.

Thunder wasn't the most original game you could play. While there are quite a few nice area of the game, there are the few odd areas that you see on most of these types of shooters. However, there are quite a few nice, original sequences that I noticed. It's nice to see something new in a game; it's obvious that an audience doesn't want to play the exact same thing over and over again, and CG has quite clearly acknowledged this. With this type of shooter, it's never an easy thing to create something original, so I applaud CG for that. Thunder's great sequences make the game more interesting to play, as well as making it more addictive.

Placements are vital in most games, as you never want to see a horribly messy game. It also needs to match the puzzles which obviously need to work in order for the game to be complete. Thunder has almost flawless placement. Everything in the game works as it should, the game was pleasing to the eye, and it was made much easier than if the game was more spaced out. Additionally, the health was placed at the perfect area, as there's only a certain amount of time you can conserve your health for. My problem is I think that there are a bit too many enemies to handle. The game makes up for it by having quite a few healing items, but in some cases, avoiding enemies such as the disruptors (since you don't have the time to get stopped by them) is made much harder.





Health placements



Enemy placements

Amount of enemies

Reference to terrible weather, especially since he knows he's in a country that's used to poor weather (:P)


Gameplay: ____/_____
Scenery: ____.5/_____
Thumbnail: ___.5/_____
Placements: ____/_____
Difficulty: ____.5/_____

Overall: ____/_____


In my opinion, Thunder is an above average game with impressive gameplay, much like I expected out of a fellow Brit like cg. Not that people from other countries are worse than us, it's just that- ah, never mind that. Anyway, there are a majority of pros, and it was very enjoyable, and that is exactly why I consider this game feature worthy. Thank you for reading, and I'll be seeing you in my next review. I'm going to take this tea with me, it's quite nice.


Thunder Reviewed by epicosauruss on Thursday, June 4th 2015. The Horrifying British Weather - A game review written by epicosauruss for the game 'Thunder' by creatingames. Rating: 4