We Have Enough QZ Games, Thank You Very Much.

Review by epicosauruss on Thursday, July 2nd 2015
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Mattys Land is a game created by mat7772

Matthew advertised this game on the forums. It's called Mattys Land. Now, what does that remind you of? Maybe the games Parry's World and Moola's World. But those aren't the only games matty's ripped off. Quest Zone. Yeah. Just look at those level designs. Well at least the platforming is quite decent... OWAIT, I'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE.

Well, at least the games don't have a specific theme OWAAAAIIIIIT.

Well, at least the themes are... Ah forget it, there's no point anymore. Basically, Mattys Land is a COMPLETE rip off of both quest zone games and matty should have no praise from this, kkbai!!