[EGD9] Exploration Above All

Review by epicosauruss on Monday, August 17th 2015
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CrestFallen is a game created by troyio

Game: CrestFallen

Maker(s): Troyio and Deathwarrant83

Creator: Platformer


So it turns out most of the reviewers are just not reviewing EGD games anymore, despite the rule about not reviewing other games while EGD reviews are still going on. There aren't many games left to review however, so let's get to it. In EGD this year, people were allowed to create one solo entry and as many collaboration entries as they'd like. Here we have Troyio, a well known game maker who also has bagged an EGL game. For this year, he entered Epic Game Drop with both a solo game and a collaboration game. Today, I will be reviewing his collaboration game, CrestFallen. Both troy and deathwarrant83 (his collaboration partner) have shown tremendous experience in game making on their own, but what is unknown is what they can do together. How will they use their own experiences together in one game? The thumbnail shows some nice scenery and it shows that CrestFallen is only a one level platformer. This should be interesting, as a lot of hype was put onto the game.


CrestFallen is a very unique game as the focal point of the game is exploration. There are many well thought of areas in the game to explore, and no matter where you head off to there's something to do there. When adventuring around the map, there are many different things to do, such as fighting in engaging battles and taking shelter, all of which unlock a range of different items which will be very helpful along the way, making it rewarding to travel around. It was very interesting to see troyio and death execute the game's concept so well, and I don't think we have seen a game like this on sploder before.

Not only was the game-play great, but each areas of the game had amazing scenery. With the use of graphics, each area of CrestFallen was easily identified to be something different. Each graphic used was full of extraordinary detail and worked very well for the game. The amount used was perfect for each level and everything worked very well with the scenery. Being such a large exploration game, it would have been very disappointing to see a lack of graphics and scenery, which is exactly what troy and death didn't do. They used graphics very well in this game, and I applaud them both.

Almost everything within CrestFallen was placed perfectly. The graphics and scenery were organised in such a way that the overall game looked aesthetically pleasing, the tiles were organised in such a way that made the gameplay rather interesting and everything was nice and spread out, making it more rewarding to explore everything in the game. The fights were also made rewarding, as after a fight you can backtrack and collect useful items. These items are well spread out and the enemies are placed in a way which made the fights pretty interesting to play, making the game fun. Even at the end of the game, though there are quite a lot of enemies to fight there, you have a reason to explore the entire map, making the placements for this game close to perfect.









Rather large one-leveled game, meaning:

It could take a while to load the game,

For some, the game could produce lag.


Thumbnail: ____.5/_____
Game-play: ____.5/_____
Graphics/Scenery: _____/_____
Placements: ____/_____
Difficulty: ____/_____

Overall: ____.5/_____


CrestFallen was clearly the best collaboration game entered in EGD9 for many reasons. The game-play was very fun, the game was somewhat addictive, it was very well designed and it was unique. This game may not have been placed in the top 3 EGD games this year, but it is a game that troyio and deathwarrant83 should be very proud of. It could even have a shot at the EGL. Thank you for reading. Only 2 more games to review for EGD9 now, and then the competition will be completely over. See you next time!


CrestFallen Reviewed by epicosauruss on Monday, August 17th 2015. [EGD9] Exploration Above All - A game review written by epicosauruss for the game 'CrestFallen' by troyio. Rating: 4