The Golden Fleece

By ethan2009 :: Friday August 14th, 2020

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---- EGD 14 ENTRY: I MADE ALL OF THE G RAPHICS IN THIS GAME: IF SOME GRAPHICS DO NOT LOAD OR THE GAME CRASHES IT IS NOT MY FAULT! ---- SEVERAL BUGS TOOK PLACE IN THE MAKING OF THIS GAME INCLUDING CRASHING AND THE GAME NOT BEING ABLE TO RUN FOR ANYONE AT ALL OUTSIDE OF 8BIT. THE PYRAMIDS GRAPHICS ON LEVEL 2 MIGHT NOT SHOW UP BUT IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIX. DO NOT JUDGE ME ON THE GAME FOR THAT OR I WILL STEAL YOUR LIDL COOKIES. WALKTRHOUGH: (GAME RUNS SMOOTHER AND FASTER THAN IT DOESNT IN WALKTHRU BECAUSE RECORDING MAKES IT SLOWER) YOU PROBABLY CANT SKIP THIS MANY ENEMIES WITHOUT LAG OWO DAB Special thanks to: Lordeldar, Mat7772, Meowmeowfurrycat, ThEnd, Bricc, demonxz, and Joe for testing, I really appreciate it. CHECKPOINTS WILL BE ON THE ACCOUNT BLUEGRAVITY AND ARE RELEASED OR WILL BE SOON For the final EGD, I set out to create a masterpiece of a game that not only had the best enemy sequences on sploder, but also the best scenery paired with fun gameplay, a nice atmosphere, and hundreds of hours of effort. I not only accomplished this, but surpassed all expectations in order to create a work of art on sploder. There are several Easter Eggs: An alternate fight on level 1 at the desert, and a way to skip the slider ride on level 4, and a free exploration journey inside of a dragon on level 5. For the story of this game, I decided to combine the classic story of Jack and The Beanstalk with Greek Mythology to create a crafty, fun, but also thrilling adventure. Some things to be noted: - The Golden Fleece was said to have magical healing properties in Greek mythology. - Hades is the God Of Death in Greek mythology. - THE PLOT TWIST AT THE END IS NOT A GENERIC ENDING TO THE STORY. IT IS A WAY FOR ME TO FADE INTO THE STORY OF THE SEQUEL WHICH WAS ALREADY PLANNED AS WELL. Well, Enjoy the game! Have any questions? Just ask. This is not just any sploder game... this is: THE GOLDEN FLEECE.


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