A Step In The Right Direction

Review by ethan2009 on Saturday, June 20th 2020
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A Step Too Far is a game created by mat7772lordeldar

A Step in the Right Direction ~ A Review of A Step Too Far

Hello, fellow gamers. It’s review time again, and today we’re going to be taking a deeper look at the game called “A Step Too Far” created by the same duo that made the EGL worthy game Witch Chaos and have both taken a spot in the feature hall of fame. That’s right, this game was made by none other than Mat and Lordeldar.

Going into the game, I had high hopes, and when I rated this game for EGD, I ranked it in first place (it ended up scoring second, and first place in arcades/algos.) So let’s get into it.


The gameplay in A Step Too Far was nothing below the paragon of any arcade game. Featuring intricately designed gimmicks involving link logic, switches, and triggers, Mat and Lordeldar utilized every asset possible in order to make creative sequences. Various underused items such as explosives, shields, and triggers starred in A Step Too Far. Some enemies and switches were added so that the player would dodge them, or die trying. Others were placed to allow intense, action-packed fight scenes and boss fights. Additionally, there were several adventures that took place under the deep sea, where switch hunting while navigating through schools of bog fish and other enemies were the highlight of that particular stage. However, at some points, having a normal fight was a breath of fresh air rather than facing something entirely new at every step. Some levels also featured an excess amount of parkour, even if the way that the parkour was original, or creative. Overall, the gameplay was one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, aspect of A Step Too Far.


The scenery in A Step Too Far is like no other game. Using different custom textures for every level, the atmosphere of A Step Too Far was a blend of multiple components in which textures perfectly synergized with the default palette of the arcade creator. To provide a few examples, some sequences in this interesting arcade game using ground that looked like sand, and seaweed and coral looking grass and other objects in the water. Additionally, sequences with snow and ice were always a welcoming touch in A Step Too Far. Using custom textures with blocks, ground, and platforms, a perfect snowy landscape was crafted by Mat and Lordeldar. On the other hand, the scenery was not always perfect. In some areas, the scenery felt choppy and forced, as if Mat and Lord did not want to use default textures at all. However, even with this “choppy” and “forced” scenery, the landscape always clearly conveyed the mood of the game, whether it was adventuring in a cave, or running across a rainbow. Overall, the Scenery was solid and interesting to see new textures being used.


The difficulty in A Step Too Far was well balanced. Infinite life spawners were used so that you can keep playing from anywhere in the game without having to restart your progress. Some boss fights and sections inside of the game could be tricky, but usually, there was a sufficient amount of health or powerups in order to pass the sequence. The most important part about the difficulty level in this game was that when there were traps or triggers to make the player lose, there would be a warning rather than the player aimlessly stumbling upon a fatal trap. One facet of difficulty that helps balance a game is the game’s difficulty curve, where the game gradually escalates rather than some hard stages, some easy. Unfortunately, A Step Too Far did not have a great difficulty curve. Overall, The difficulty of this arcade was very balanced but could use a better difficulty curve.


A game with dozens of gimmicks, new ideas, original sequences, and creative uses requires one thing to shine: execution. The execution in A Step Too Far was extraordinary. Not only did Mat and Lordeldar prove their competence in creating new concepts, but they also had great execution on each of these concepts, such as using explosives to create a type of minigame with shields, and a better cascade platform with triggers. The boss fights in A Step Too Far were also executed very well. Movement powerups were given in regards to a way to beat the boss, and items such as wall shooters made these boss fights much more interesting. Overall, the execution of A Step Too Far was solid and was a spotlight of the game.


A Step Too far was a very creative game. From the story to the sequences, the game screamed creativity. The story explained that Futuremillionare was trying to turn the world into DTAS and Lordeldar had to try to stop him. This was very different from any story that I had seen before, especially ones in the arcade creator. The sequences in the game featured new and original ideas, never seen in arcades before this one. Mat and Lord were creative enough to find an underused or basic object in the arcade creator and turn it into a sort of puzzle. I found this was an aspect of the game that made me keep playing, and the story complimented it as well.

Puzzles and Traps:

The puzzles and traps in A Step Too Far were the pinnacle of any arcade game. Creative uses of switches, and forcing the player not to activate or step on any traps, while still explaining to the player what to do so not to die made A Step Too Far much better. The puzzles in A Step Too Far force the player to think outside of the box in order to fight a boss or enemy while still hinting at the correct answer. For example, when the player had to activate switches using wall shooters until they got enough movement gems for the stomping power to eliminate the boss. These sequences were never dull and added to the game to make it so much better. However, more puzzles using overlooked items would have made the game more enjoyable for me.

Ratings and Conclusions:

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Scenery: 9.5/10

Difficulty: 9/10

Execution: 9.5/10


Puzzles & Traps: 9/10

Total: 9.4/10

No game is perfect. However, I believe that A Step Too Far was pretty close. Easily deserving of its feature, I would also say that A Step Too Far deserved to be an EGD winner and notch a rightful spot into the EGL. A Step Too Far is a step in the right direction for arcades.


A Step Too Far Reviewed by ethan2009 on Saturday, June 20th 2020. A Step In The Right Direction - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'A Step Too Far' by mat7772lordeldar. Rating: 5