[EGD] Lordeldar Writes A Review!

Review by ethan2009 on Friday, July 24th 2020
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The Vengeance is a game created by mat7772

A Review Of The Vengeance

I Was Peacefully Making a Game One Day When I Found Out That My Time On The Vengeance Had Been Beaten! I Decided To Speedrun It, Getting A Much Faster Time, And That Is Shen I Noticed Many Glaring Flaws Inside Of The Vengeance. In Fact, There Were So Many Flaws That I Made A Better Game In 10 minutes. Very Disappointed In You Mat727272772!


Gameplay: 2/10

Scenery: A Solid 3/10

The Rest: 4/10

Total: A Solid 3/10

Final Thoughts On The Vengeance:

Meh! Not great. But anyway, try to remember this. Quality over Quantity


The Vengeance Reviewed by ethan2009 on Friday, July 24th 2020. [EGD] Lordeldar Writes A Review! - A game review written by ethan2009 for the game 'The Vengeance' by mat7772. Rating: 1