The Adventures In An Unplayable Game! [EGD]

Review by ethan2009 on Wednesday, August 26th 2020

The Adventures in An Unplayable game! [EGD]

Hello, epic Sploder gamers. Ethan2009 back here with another review. Today I’m reviewing, for the first time ever, a game that I can’t play. In fact, this game would not load for me even on 8 bit, so I had to watch a playthrough for it, which, in this case, is fine because my scores would have been lower if I had to play the hover ship part myself. Additionally, I realize my ratings are incredibly inconsistent with one another so instead of doing a 1-10 rating review, I’m just going to hit the points I need to with some conclusions at the end.


The gameplay in Battle For Imperial Eclipse was quite weak. Just to confirm this sentence, you can play the hover ship sequence at the beginning and play the Try-Not-To-Cry-Challenge: Sploder Edition. The hover ship sequence was legit probe spam, and if you were to fall from the hover ship - there was only one given - it would be game over. I’m really trying my best to be nice here mainly because I didn’t have to play it myself if I’m being honest because that sequence was just BAD. After that, the gameplay consisted of going up and down gear sequences which didn’t work well and hoping not to get stuck, because getting stuck would result in having to play the hover ship sequence again which no one wants to do. The enemy fights were mainly mousegun spamming probes and segfaults which no one uses for a reason.


The Scenery in Battle For Imperial Eclipse was quite average. Nothing stood out as good to me even though you can tell Beast tried to make the scenery innovative. For me, it was a meh whatever. In some parts, the scenery was nonexistent because Beast found the irrational need to make a map so full of filler that even with its lack of scenery, I couldn’t load it in 8 bit. I really wish there were more changes in scenery or something to make it pop because one big tile used across the map doesn’t cut it for me.


Hover ships are underused. Probes are underused. Mousguns are underused. Segfaults are underused. People don’t use them for a reason. The execution and lack of polish in using underused enemies just hurt to watch. Hoverships are honestly only used when someone knows what they’re doing, such as in Ryspo and Spellbound (another EGD entry which I will soon review). Probes in general are just awful, and segfaults glitchy. I understand Beast was going for a creative vibe, but it just didn’t work. The underused items were used in the most basic way ever seen to Sploderian eyes, and the hover ship sequence was a big NO.


Another area of this game that’s the dictionary definition of lackluster is the placement. The enemy placement was very basic and bland, while the block placement didn’t work well such as the gears as I mentioned earlier, and the slider was just a bad addition. The probe placement was spam, and other enemy placements were uninspired. There was a considerable playing field for the hover ship which made it more confusing than a good size and the ending to that sequence was just stupid. I’m not even going to sugarcoat that.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

Is this game feature worthy?: No, it isn’t. It lacks in new ideas, polish, gameplay, and scenery. But hey, that’s just me. As an EGD game, I was expecting this to be of a higher standard but it wasn’t bad either. My main issue was the fact that this game would not load. Even if I thought this game was feature worthy, it doesn’t load for 90% of people, so I genuinely think that would be a weird addition to the featured page. I really do think Beast has potential, but this game was a swing and a miss. Goodbye!