By ethgamma :: Sunday January 26th, 2020

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Yes, my next game is in fact a PPG. Welcome to Glitch, a unique game with a unique concept...a game like no other...brought to you by yours truly ;D So the aim of the game is basically glitching. Glitching and experiencing what is known as epicness. If Geoff fixes this oh well, but until then just play this game! There are 4 worlds, and in each there are two levels. In each world three new concepts are added, just to keep you on your toes. Here's the level list: World 1-Laboratories a) Odd Welcome. b) Four Rooms. World 2-Desert a) Level Up. b) Clockwise. World 3-Aqua a) Moving. b) Halves. World 4-Beyond a) Reverse. b) The End. There is also an eight character code hidden amongst the game. First three to find all eight letters/numbers will get platinum awards...I'll see if my editor friends will allow you to get them lol. Also the first name on the scoreboard other than mine will get one too. V.3 (had to republish twice lel). Good luck and enjoy. (May be easier with a mouse pad)


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