Before I leave,People to thank

By firehawk132 :: Monday March 1st, 2010

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Before I leave Sploder,I want to thank some other users for their help,or just to acknowledge them: 1.Shadowgirl88,you've been my best friend on Sploder since I started 2 years ago.I'd like to thank you and say something:the reason she went down to level 1 was because her friends ditched Sploder and deleted their accounts.Shadowgirl,I love you like a sister. 2.Cyclone:You make the best games I've ever played on Sploder.Even better than Geoff's. 3.Demongirl:My friend Katie in real life.You helped back us up when those splodeholes came to our group and told us to cancel our group or else they'd ban us.You're a great friend. 4.Kobo88:Trevor,I doubt your reading this but you got my account back up by talking to Geoff after he accidently banned me when he meant to ban Jordanfreak101.Thanks for that. 5.Brii56:My friend Brianna in real life.You gave me a lot of inspiration for possible types of games I could make.You were also our Creative Producer in FA Studios and helped us make Space Invaders 3. Now,to acknowledge people that should have never been on Sploder: 1.Jordanfreak101:You're a serious splode.I hated how you posted all those mean comments on Waler476's games.I'll copy and paste one of your comments:this game made no splodein sense.u r da rTard.First of all dickweed,you have terrible grammar.And second,that game was amazing.You kept posting bad comments on Waler's games and he canceled his account to get away from you.You're a fu(kstick,dude. 2.Geoff:Nothing too personal,Geoff.You just could've stepped in more when A-Holes like Jordanfreak101 or khrisilus started threatening or bullying people on Sploder.Do you even go on Sploder more than once every six months?Dude,watch out.You have some serious Spammers on Sploder,and I suggest that you walts in and kick those nubs off of Sploder. Bye,guys.Again,thanks to everybody who made Sploder worthwile for me,and there's more people who did than people who are on the list,but you guys know who you are.Shadowgirl88,I'll see you on Twitter.


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