Sploder Heroes

By firephoenix21xt :: Monday April 4th, 2016

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Please Read!!! Controls: Use K and Jump and the same time to do a Super Jump, and use J in the air to do a slam. STORY- After what was thought to be Ratava's end, he retreated back to his lair. The gem that had possessed him had grown weak and cracked, unbounded the ruthless being Paradox. Paradox brought his Cucuys to rage war on Sploder so he attempt to obtain the Sploder Medal once again. It is up to our heroes to put an end to his plot.(I haven't added everyone yet, I just released the game since my vacation is ending soon) SPECIAL THANKS- Swedenplatformge, Troybonniemech, and Chikirri. Let me know in the comments if the trilogy should hold or continue. I still have ideas, but just let me know if I should focus on other games. If you liked this game and haven't played my previous games, I suggest playing Sploder Legends. If you want to know the story behind this game, play Sploder Begins. Thanks everyone! (hugs everyone) Check out my Youtube!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLFIgwuA0-FFn7z2ygu0rg


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