fnafp3 v1.1

By firesawdust :: Tuesday July 14th, 2015

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Vplease read description for storyline and how to play the gameV After 10 after 1988 the closing of firesawdust fun pizza location 1. Juniortennis7 the recent security guard during that time has been abducted harshly by the police from the pizzeria and has been locked in his basement due to hime being a highly. Until further notice You must collect edvice and frame someone of being the killer(framing someone is not in gameplay). Will juniortennis7 hide from his killer counterpart of getting him in prison for life. Phone call:-rings 3 times then you pick up the ringer- hello oh you must be juniortennis7 i'm am thebluesun I was framed to be suspect too you know. So if your hearing this i'm probably either dead or living a happy life right now. You have 2 phantoms haunting you down. Don't let them in your office or you will have lost all your senses and you will go insane and twicth when confronting somebody. good thing you have equipment. Thinks to your intelligence you can seal the phantoms in physical form in the hallways however 1 of them enter your hidden vents. So you have vent covers to seal him in. Also theres a ghost phantom that will cause you lose power instanly so keep that tv off. Now you heard of cam reboot or known as video reboot. Now that is not important so just use for fun. Alright well I have to go also remember you have only one night.-hangs up- Please report any glitches and I will some off them in version 1.1 and also This is not the it for this game I will add more features and to make this game good I decided to have something big for you guys this summer something special. also i'm making dlcs for the game so that fair for the game right. Also I did not confirm the final chapter yet but I what to let you know you each night you go to different areas you will see soon and if I reach 70 or above views I will add up all the views from the recent fnafp games and do a view special.


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