And We're Re-mirrored...

Review by firetrolik on Saturday, February 23rd 2013
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Mimicry is a game created by tbremise

Long time no see!

Welcome back, this is firetrolik jumping back on the reviews for the 6th time and the first in 2013! Let's get a few things straight at our first insight on this potential review. What I'm feeling here is a fresh new experience, surprising or not, no question. And the existing reasons for that would turn around and be the main fact that I've been lacking a review for, well, months. This is a special event I'd like you all to welcome in here, and there is some collected up reasons in my book why that would be. First reason being, I hereby declare this date the day I passed down here my 1st potential review in 2013! There's the answer to your unanswered question hanging in the air unnoticed, this is my first review of 2013. Second reason being, your eyes may not have come in to confirm that this is the first PPG I am reviewing, and the first, true experience filled puzzle game not being spotted on the featured list! (I approve of a feature, I'll get into more detail a little later). Tbremise, I know him by his forum experience and his popularity. Overall by his looks and appearance there the words 'he seems pretty cool' come straight into my mind, as it opens =P. From what I can tell he's a soldier and supposedly a holder of the MSM and reviewer badges, couldn't be sure about editor though. It's come forth that I'm reviewing one of his latest games, Mimicry! Excited? Time to abandon this section and roll into action on all the details you'll want :). Let's see what the thumbnail has in store for us.

Uh-huh, it's the image of the overall intro level, made into a tiny super-easy mini game, haha. Here you'll get what I mean by 'and we're re-mirrored', if you look at the letter structure. Flipped over and mirrored into something that'll seriously attract some attention to most folks right out there peeking at this review right now. To confess, the appealing appearance of the whole thumbnail made me jump into action straight away and click that 'play' button, and then I got entrapped in the game with no real way of bring down my focus on an escape route. Too much description, but I shall never stop, >:D. Anyway, next thing right after the text you'll notice is the white and blue coloured backgrounds right behind it. Although it could take some running time to get yourself stable and see what there truly is on that image, it was worth the time to make in my opinion, without doubt. What your eyes uncloud next and lastly is most likely, from what I can tell, the black and white movable platforms on screen, they function by using the [censored to avoid the slightest hint of a walkthrough]. Jus' keeping things confidential for the sake of reviewing. Strikingly similar to the centered text, there's his username. Tbremise, hanging at the top waiting to get noticed, good method of giving self-credit, congratulations. Nothing's left for me to say here right now, so we're going to move on to something you'll really want covered. Wait for it... and...

Here it is! Placement, looks like you're up next on our route, now lets cover the main aspects in the game to give you a mental image of the game itself. The goal here is to guide both the platforms on their way to the circles around the map you'll need to collect on each level as your primary goal. There's a slight twist, though. (Note: What I'm about to state is NOT a walkthrough, since this is mentioned in the game description.) Remember to keep in mind that coming into contact with those walls of your either opposite or matching colour of your character will make you fall into the depths of loss, you discover your failure at the game (in other words, it's game over :).) So yeah, take extra care. In my honest opinion I would say that all the blocks and hazards here have been co-ordinated pretty nicely according to the map, it really contributes to the overall experience of the game. It adds on challenge levels and entertainment satisfaction for the audience at the same time, so a massive well done on that tbrem. Pass a few levels though, and the game hates you, time for it to seek out and apply it's revenge on level 5, mwhahaha! And you'll be thanking me for those words, those moving colours now make the game a higher challenge degree and this is just unlike any PPG experience you've ever had before. Exact mirroring of both sides is what I'm really loving. It equals the game out and makes it a lower difficulty reasonable enough for the players. It also doesn't get out of hand. The controls are also mirrored if you go in depth here, the black platform moves left if you press right, and right if you press left. The white moves normally, however. And I guess that's all there is on this section, time to kick it up a notch. I won't include scenery due to the fact that it's just basically simple black and white colours, nor enemies and hazards because jazards have just previously been mentioned and enemies are non-inclusive.

Is this game feature worthy?

The overall structure and the works of this game I'm very pleased with, it's given me a lot of satisfaction and helped me write a main site review. Just plain, pure positives. This game really sticks down to its main goal, and most users in the comments are giving it positive feedback, plus my experience here was awesome, so yes, a feature would be something I'm really hoping for here. Just a mental note, what I mainly look for in a game is a lot of challenge to take on (not too much though), a really satisfying experience as a result and the ability to tell that the game is a good one just by looking at the thumbnail.


- Great gameplay

- Sets of challenges included

- Increasing difficulty

- Very unique and original


- Slight lag might kick in


Difficulty: ___/_____
Originality: ____/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Placement: ____/_____
Thumbnail: __/_____

Overall: ___/_____

Special thanks and credit, again to tbremise for making this game and just giving me a great experience. I guess that wraps up our 6th review, I'll be seeing you guys!


Mimicry Reviewed by firetrolik on Saturday, February 23rd 2013. And We're Re-mirrored... - A game review written by firetrolik for the game 'Mimicry' by tbremise. Rating: 3