The Paths Of Destiny

Review by fortinbras on Saturday, August 7th 2010
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Paths is a game created by pompey

I am experimenting with a new review style!


First of all, this game is set up like a maze, but it has action in it too! That is a major pro.

Next, It has fairly good enemy placement. To be honest, only the best of the best can have perfect enemy placement (and thats not me!).

Finally, It has fast gameplay, there's no transition, it's just action upon action. Some people would say that this is a con, but I definitely say that it's a pro!

Action: ____/_____
Enemy Placement: ____/_____
Maze: ___/_____
Overall: _______


There is one MAJOR con, and that is...powerup placement! I found it way too easy because of the powerups.

Besides that, there weren't any real cons.

Difficulty: __/_____
Powerup Placement: _/_____
Overall: ___

Great game, but WAY too easy!

Overall: _____/__________

(That's 5/10)


Paths Reviewed by fortinbras on Saturday, August 7th 2010. The Paths Of Destiny - A game review written by fortinbras for the game 'Paths' by pompey. Rating: 2.5