An Ad-Venturous Game

Review by fortinbras on Tuesday, July 27th 2010
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-venture- is a game created by ravicale

The Beginning Puzzle

This is an easy puzzle, for those who know what they're doing. Fortunately for unexperienced gamers, ravicale wrote how to beat it in the description, which in my opinion spoils the fun.

The Game

This game can be described as one big puzzle, made up of many little puzzles. The only way to beat the big puzzle is to solve the little puzzles. You have to use teleporters to move around. Don't be discouraged if one teleporter doesn't get you to a crystal, because another one will. This game encourages you to explore, although some of it is not necessary. A lot of effort went into making this game, and it takes a lot of effort to beat it. Good job, ravicale!


Puzzles: _____/_____
Action: ____/_____
Adventure: _____/_____
Enemy Placement: ___/_____
Lag: __/_____