A Mediocre Game That Got Popular

Review by fortinbras on Thursday, July 29th 2010
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jungle 2 is a game created by rule60

Although rule60 is an awesome game maker, and I enjoy playing his games, I think that most of his other games are more worthy of the Hall of Game than Jungle 2.


Instead, I am saying that this game was average, and only average. I played it because of the thumbnail and because it was in the Hall of Game. Knowing rule60, I expected nothing short of an epic game. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed. I thought that it was fun, but way too easy. My HP was over the top all throughout the game! The powerups make this way too easy. I also think that there could've been more enemies. Overall, though, I would give this a fairly good rating because of the layout. It has a ton of potential, but if rule60 subtracted some powerups, and added some more enemies, this would probably be an epic game!

On to the ratings:

Difficulty: _
Layout: ________
Puzzles: _____
Enemy Placement: ____
Fun: ________
Overall: _______

This is a fun game, all I'm saying is that it's way too easy!


jungle 2 Reviewed by fortinbras on Thursday, July 29th 2010. A Mediocre Game That Got Popular - A game review written by fortinbras for the game 'jungle 2' by rule60. Rating: 3.5