By freak1 :: Thursday August 13th, 2015

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You are a soldier in the army camp. An underworld mastermind scientist known as Mr.Tiger has made some really dangerous mutants, skeletons and cloned them. They can be a threat to the world. But where has he hid the mutants? Mr. Tiger gives a hint that he has hid the mutants and skeletons in a far off place, deep inside the atlantic ocean. He also mentions that the place is very shiny, with which he means that he has hid the mutants and skeletons in Magica, the golden city buried deep inside the ocean the mankind has yet not discovered. Being a soldier, you have to find the mutants and skeletons and kill them, thus saving mankind. You have to foil Mr. Tiger's plans ______________________________________________ Sorry for the lack of scenery, I had to omit some scenery due to the lag produced. Dedicated to my cousin brother. Please vote and nominate if you like this game. I am entering this game for EGD. _____________________________________________


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