Dying Tulip

By freshbanana :: Tuesday February 28th, 2012

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1868 , year where everyone cries. It's the end , no one can save everyone unless one soul is brave enough... The tulip will die. The tulip that gives light to the Earth , the tulip that guards us from the rays of the sun , the tulip which everyone love to see. 10-9-1868 , You decided to enter the rock growing with the tulip. It has been said that a crystal will kill the tulip. The only way to remove that is to pass through the obstacles in the rock and eat the crystal and die. You think that this is the best choice.. it is for others not for yourself. But the main problem is dying inside that rock , you must survive til' the end. Begin your little adventure that will test your mind and strength. The people of the world will root for you. 1868 , the year of the dying tulip..


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