Twilight Zone. Point of No Return

By futuremillionare :: Tuesday July 8th, 2014

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One dark night, rain pouring down everywhere, you were in the depths of the forest on a camping trip. Little did you know at that moment, your life would we forever changed… lightning struck the ground nearby where you were standing, and a path appeared in front of you that said "The Twilight Zone", quickly you ran up the steps, not realizing what you were about to see. All of the sudden, you reached the enemy "The Ruler of the Twilight Zone", you asked for a way to escape, and you only had one option, one that would let you survive and go back to your normal life, and one that you would stay there for the rest of your life. You picked to go back to your normal life, however "The Ruler of the Twilight Zone" wasn't about to let you out right away, first you would have to go through traps and puzzles testing your strength, endurance, and mind, as well as defeating him at the end. So, now one question remains, "Will you conquer the Twilight Zone, or Die like the many others?"


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