Time To Go Put Our Head Back On Right... [Editor Application]

Review by futuremillionare on Wednesday, June 15th 2016
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My Head Fell is a game created by 0minutes


Hello and welcome to futuremillionare's first editor application (and hopefully last application as well). Today, we will be looking at a game by 0minutes/ milky, a popular member who has achieved over twenty features and has all of the badges (Moderator, Reviewer, and Editor). Having played a majority of 0minutes previous games, I had pretty high expectations when I played his most recent game, a Plat. that he had been working on for quite awhile called My Head Fell. Now, was the game worth the wait? Well, let's find out!


Considering the fact that the title and thumbnail (if you have seen it yet) hint at the fact that this game revolves around you getting your head put back on, the basic story is fairly easy to uncover, even before playing My Head Fell. While, the storyline kind of puts a spin on your average puzzle-type Platform game, and allows it to be more entertaining (especially with some of the jokes and kind of bizarre, yet kind of fumny things in it), some parts of it kind of felt flawed. To start off, how could you see if you do not have your head? While the concept of losing your head and trying to get it back on is kind of neat in its own respect, the idea that the player could even preform these things seems illogical since you need a head to think, and eyes to see. In addition, some other parts of the storyline were just way too extreme and unrealistic. For instance, in level three, you meet up with your supposed "friend" after looking for them for a whole level to try and get their help, but for whatever reason you get attacked. Not only that, but while some segments/ notes in the game developing the storyline were kind of funny, other parts just seemed out of place and kind of awkwardly there. For these reasons, I feel like the storyline could have been a bit better thought out, but I like how it added a kind of refreshing feel to the gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, My Head Fell is actually quite interesting in the way that you have to get past puzzles, traps, and occasionally a small platforming scene to open doors and destroy destroy blocks. By doing these things, you are then able to get past those obstacles that are preventing you from progressing any further with your head, which you need to keep with you (or at least close to you) at all times in order to pass the levels and get to the end. What I liked about this was that it always kept you thinking about how you could use your surroundings to keep on progressing past the obstacles in front of you, as well as thinking about what would be the best way to get past certain obstacles without either getting stuck with your head or leaving it behind. In addition to that, it was nice that there were not too many parts that were similar to one another, and that as far as length goes, it took the more “short and sweet” approach, which allowed the game to keep on feeling fresh and exciting. With all these things being said, I would also like to point out that some parts did seem kind of frustrating to overcome, because they require you to be very, very accurate preforming the task. This means that if you make one mistake, you have to try doing that part completely over, or in a lot of cases, doing the whole game over.

Speaking of doing tasks over and over, My Head Fell is all about the theme of trial and error. While I feel that this concept can be a good idea to some extent, the amount of traps (whether intentional or not) is way too excessive, especially since one mistake tends to make you either die or have an extremely difficult situation to free yourself from. Because of this, you need to be fully alert and fully think before you perform actions, which I find interesting in games. However, even then some traps can not really be seen ahead of time and still tend to be quite fatal. For instance, if you try pushing your "head" through the locked door in level two before you allow the player to open it at least once, then you will find yourself refreshing the page, and restarting the whole game. Accordingly, I would recommend either adding extra lives, helpful hints to guide the player, or just get rid of some of the "game-ending" puzzles in general.

While the idea of crate puzzles in the platform creator is quite common, the idea of having a whole gas based on this concept, one in which you need to get it to the end of the game, is quite original (at least from what platform games I have seen on Sploder). In addition, other than a few parts of My Head Fell, the majority of the game contained never before seen sequences, allowing the player to experience a new feel to platform gameplay. Because of this, the player is kept quite well engaged, even in quite difficult times.

Speaking of difficult times, My Head Fell will provide many to whoever tries it. The reason for this is because of its extensive trial and error concept. While a majority of the gaming sequences come off as pretty easy, almost all of them, however, offer a spot in which the player can make a "fatal" mistake. As previously mentioned, while this is good to some degree in terms of making the player think, it turns off many players due to the fact there is no way to progress after making a single mistake (especially those with a lack of patience to repetitively go through the same motions to try and get past there previous starting point).

Despite this game's difficultly, My Head Fell is still quite a fun, engaging game for the the limited group of whole who are intrigued by its concept of "trial and error". The reason for this is because of its new puzzles (and sequences in general), it truly allows for a large level of entertainment for who are those interested in an intense "think before you act" game. Because of this trial and error concept, however, its replay value is not too high (like most puzzle games and games of a similar nature), as the player pretty much knows everything they need to know to exceed, kind of ruining the fun in the game. On the other hand though, I would like to point out that while going through the game the first time, it is quite addictive because of all the new puzzles it has to offer and analyze (along with the rewarding sense of pride one can receive upon progressing further and further into the game).

Lastly, I would like to mention that this game is also quite appealing to look at as well. While I can only say a few parts are kind of stunning in there looks, My Head Fell has decent backgrounds in general. These backgrounds are nice in the fact that they well fit the game, and they still allow the player to focus a majority of there time of the gameplay. The only type of problem I found here was that you can still kind of see the player's "invisible head" in some parts; however, I personally do not feel that this is too big of a problem in the scheme of things.

Pros & Cons


-Gameplay: I found the concept of getting your "head" to the end of the level, while progressing the obstacles quite interesting. Also, gameplay-wise, I liked how level three sort of acted as a "relief" level before going into the next intense level.

-Entertaining: While I feel that it can be quite hard to progress in the game, I like how the concept and "freshness" of the gameplay kept the game interesting and fun to keep on trying to beat (for quite awhile at least).

-Originality: For the most part, the sequences, as well as the concept, are fresh and original, which I felt was a major plus to it and reason to keep on playing. In other words, because a lot of the parts of the game were so fresh and not seen many times before, there really was a motive to keep on playing to try and see more and more of it.

•Somewhere Between

-Puzzles and Traps: I enjoyed the intense level of thinking needed to get past the puzzles and avoid the traps for that matter; however, I did not not like how "harsh" the punishments were for even just making a minor mistake in the game.

-Scenery: Some parts seemed kind of stunning and really cool to me, while others seemed kind of average. Overall though, I like how the scenery was designed to allow the player to focus on the game.

-Addictiveness: I feel that completing the whole game for the first time can be quite addictive in itself (especially since there is quite a high feeling of reward for progressing further and further into areas of new concepts). However, because of its trial and error concept, I would say that its replay value makes it so that you will not have too big of a motive to play it after completing it once.

-Storyline: While the concept of the storyline is pretty cool and funny in a way, there are quite a few flaws that I felt kind of took away from it.


-Difficulty: While playing the game, I had to refresh the page multiple times due to the insane amount of game-ending traps. While the "trial and error" concept is an ok concept for games, I feel that the punishments for mistakes were too significant though.


Gameplay: _____/_____

Entertaining: ____.5/_____

Originality: _____/_____

Puzzles and Traps: ___/_____

Scenery: ___.5/_____

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Storyline: ___/_____

Difficulty: __/_____

Overall: ___.5/_____

Final Thoughts

While My Head Fell certainly has room for improvement, especially as far as difficultly is concerned, it just makes the feature worthy mark in my opinion. With that being said, if you are ready for a intense puzzle-type game, I would certainly recommend you go play this game!


My Head Fell Reviewed by futuremillionare on Wednesday, June 15th 2016. Time To Go Put Our Head Back On Right... [Editor Application] - A game review written by futuremillionare for the game 'My Head Fell' by 0minutes. Rating: 3