Dreams New Life

By gallade265 :: Thursday July 21st, 2016

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You have a dream: To start fresh in life. But you know that this is impossible, but you still don't stop trying to find away. On the day before your 21st birthday you go to sleep and have a dream. In this dream some sort of ghoastly creture appears. You pinch yourself, but you feel it. 'Oh No. This is real' you say outloud. 'No, it's dream' The moster echoes 'But this is a special dream. I know you have a dream which is to start fresh in life. You are so determind. And I am here to grant it but on one condition.' 'What would that be? You say nervouslly forgeting all of the questions you wanted to ask the creature. 'You have to complete a deverstaing challange before daylight. If you fail or die in the challange then you will not wake up ever again. If you take this challange on then you will be given a second heart during the task and will be fully healed after each of the 4 levels. Do you want to take it on?' Without hesertation you reply to the monster: 'Yess, this should be a breeze.' Suddenly you had been teleported into another world. As soon as your saw it you changed your mind, it wasn't going to be a breeze...


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