Endless Abyss

By gallade265 :: Wednesday January 4th, 2012

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The sound of guns blasting and bombs exploding were erupting non-stop all around you. You had no idea who was winning or what was happening. All that you knew was your job. You were shooting out the open window of your ship at any enemy ship you saw. Just then you were hit. You took a bullet to the knee and fell backwards into your ship. An explosion went off near by and you violetly speed towards the ground. You looked to your piolet. Their dead body was bent over the controls. You continued plumeting towards the ground at a blistering pace. The ship crash landed in an abyss and at the force of the impact you were knocked cold... You awoke. It was almost pitch black your ship had lost many parts on the impact but it was still able to fly. You got in and tried to find a way out...


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